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Jag Bag

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    Initial Report on the double Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner Testers: Sanne Larsen and Chris Bagby (Ready and Spur) Trailtown email addresses:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2001
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      Initial Report on the double Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner
      Testers: Sanne Larsen and Chris Bagby (Ready and Spur)
      Trailtown email addresses: skroghl@..., spur@...

      The package was at home on Thursday, May 30 when we returned from our
      short honeymoon. Kinda like a wedding present in the mail for us
      newlyweds! A nice little letter from the owner of the company was

      Our reaction to the color: The lavender (they call it violet?)
      wouldn't be our first choice. We'd rather have had a nice green or
      blue instead. OTOH, we'll be using it at night while we're asleep. So who cares?

      A simple instruction sheet gives simple cleaning instructions. For
      instance, we learn that drying it in sunlight will cause it to
      yellow. Wonder if that'll
      make the lavender turn a nice green or blue or maybe even yellow?

      We were also cautioned that plunging into the bag with sharp toenails
      may snag the silk. Duly warned, we plunged in carefully, though
      stopping for a pedicure. No problems so far. We loved the soft
      texture. The size was ample. Had we been interested, we could easily
      have fit a third
      person in with us.

      We were in the bedroom at the time where the temperature was around
      70 degrees. We immediately got hot! Our next testing session will be
      out in
      the wild.

      Back downstairs we hefted it onto our postal scale, which read 5.6
      ounces including the stuff sack. This is remarkable since other
      liners we've owned
      sized for only one person weighed up to 7 ounces when new. This looks
      like it may be a good addition to our lightweight thruhiking gear.

      BTW we couldn't just stuff the liner into the stuffsack. Too tight a
      fit. It fit snugly into the sack after folding and rolling the liner
      rather carefully.
      This may get easier with practice.

      We plan to use the double Jag Bag with a pair of Rab Top Bags which
      Ready is sewing together before the hike. The Rab bag uses a
      downfilled Pertex
      top layer with lightweight mesh on the underside. A single Rab bag
      weighs 17 oz. and is rated at 32 degrees F. We plan to use a cuddle
      kit to link two
      3/4 ultralight Thermarests together, slip both of them into the
      double Rab bag and sleep directly on top of the Thermarests. We will
      experimenting with including the double Jag Bag between the down top
      and the Thermarests. On really warm nights we'll try sleeping in the
      Jag Bag
      by itself (atop the Thermarests).

      Our previous experiences in sleeping together in zipped-together
      sleeping bags suggest that we'll be amply warm through most of 3
      seasons. While
      Ready sleeps cold, Spur sleeps warmly. In the past we used 20 degree
      bags without a liner, weighing in around 6+ lbs. including the two 1
      lb. sleeping
      pads. If this system works, we'll have a 2-person sleep system that
      weighs around 4-1/2 lbs including pads, with a temperature rating in
      the mid 20s.

      We plan to hit the A.T. on Wednesday, June 6 at Rockfish Gap, hiking
      into Shenandoah Park on the first day. Spur hiked from Springer to
      this point
      before getting off on May 6 to help with Ready's move from NY to
      Atlanta and the wedding preparations. We'll head north from there
      Katahdin, ETA early-mid September. Our daily journal info is at
      http://www.spursjournal.com . Our second report will be from up the
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