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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Mt Washington Pad Report #3

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  • Ryan Jordan
    Brad, I didn t make this clear in my previous post, but I wasn t implying that you weren t giving a fair review. To the contrary, I think you did. I just
    Message 1 of 6 , May 30, 2001
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      Brad, I didn't make this clear in my previous post, but I wasn't implying
      that you weren't giving a fair review. To the contrary, I think you did. I
      just wanted to emphasize to the testers these points, because the fact that
      you did indeed address them was worth noting to everyone.

      Again, good review.

      > > I have a general concern that a closed cell foam pad will not get a
      > > fair review if you attempt to assess its comfort on hard ground. If
      > > you are going to include this in your reviews, compare the comfort
      > > of the Mt Washington to a competing foam pad like a ridge rest, but
      > > not an inflatable like a thermarest.
      > I did.
      > "The pad actually felt less comfortable than my thermarests, my
      > ridgerest, and my z-rest. "
      > > It must be recognized that a
      > > closed cell foam pad requires some degree of knowledge by the user
      > > in selection of a comfortable campsite that a user of an inflatable
      > > does not need in order to achieve comfort.
      > Given that I've used both the Ridgerest and Z-rest in the past, I
      > have a decent idea of how to choose a campsite for and what to expect
      > out of a closed cell pad. Sometimes, there just isn't any good
      > choice and an inflatable pad or a thicker closed-cell foam pad can
      > make the difference between a night of sleep or a night of tossing
      > and turning.
      > > I enjoyed your report.
      > Thanks,
      > Brad
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