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Bonfire Lantern report #2

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    In prepping for this weekend s trip, I opened up the Bonfire Lantern package to determine how to get the lamp to work. Per usual, before reading instructions,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2001
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      In prepping for this weekend's trip, I opened up the Bonfire Lantern package
      to determine how to get the lamp to work. Per usual, before reading
      instructions, I tinkered around with the device for a few minutes, then
      popped the rubbery cap off the one end. It covered both the battery chamber
      and the flip switch.

      After loading two AA batteries, I tried out the light in an unlit room.
      Indeed, there was an obvious difference between the low and high settings --
      a nice thing to find out as the power went out during an unexpected evening
      thunderstorm. Once covered again by the rubbery cap, the flip switch didn't
      move as readily as it did when uncovered. It took a bit of pushing to get the
      switch to flip from low to off to high.

      I weighed the lamp with and without batteries on my postal scale. With
      batteries, it weights about 5.9oz, as opposed to the Photon II I typically
      carry when hiking, which weighs less than an ounce.

      The lanyard was another matter. Here is this piece of rounded shoelace
      material with two metal parts that allow you to pull a loop down like a
      lasso, but how do you get it to stay on? I finally looked at the card that
      the lamp is packaged with, and discovered it opened up into an instruction
      sheet, primarily focused on getting the batteries into the lamp. Looking at
      the photo on the back of the card, I tried securing the lanyard per the
      photo. It stayed for a few minutes, then slipped out. I let my boyfriend
      tinker with it for a bit, and we both agree that there needs to be a little
      something extra to catch the lanyard and hold it firm, perhaps a simple loop
      of some sort. The lanyard slips out of the slots too easily.

      It was my intention to combine reports 2 and 3, but the weekend unfolded in
      unexpected ways. Our plan was to do a 40 mile section hike on the Florida
      Trail. We drove the hour to our destination and discovered we'd left his
      hiking boots at home. Resolved not to waste daylight, he hiked on with
      loafers (12.7 miles), and we went home the first night. The second night,
      when we pulled into camp, the land manager refused to let us camp. Needless
      to say, I wasn't pleased! Rather than spring for a campsite somewhere else,
      we drove the hour home again. So it turned into 3 day hikes rather than

      I'll plan to do some car camping next weekend, and will give you the results
      of reading and writing under the Bonfire versus my Photon II and my
      PrincetonTec headlamp.

      Regards, Sandra Friend
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