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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Testers in Mulitple Tests

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    ... From: George Cole To: BackpackGearTest@egroups.com Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 12:53 PM Subject: RE: [BackpackGearTest] Testers in Mulitple Tests
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      Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 12:53 PM
      Subject: RE: [BackpackGearTest] Testers in Mulitple Tests

      However, I was
      under the impression that testers were chosen randomly, and the fact that I
      have not been selected to participate in either the Seychelle or Hennessy
      test was simply a matter of chance.  If this is not so, please advise, as I
      do not have the time to submit multiple test "applications" when I have less
      than an equitable chance of being selected.

      George Cole
      Your impression is incorrect. The testers are generally chosen with an eye toward satisfying the manufacturers requirements for that specific test. In the case of a completely new product by a new manufacturer, the very lack of experience of a tester may be a plus as this would show the manufacturer possible weaknesses in their instructions for use or in the product itself when used by the inexperienced. Some of the testers applying for the Hennessy test didn't live in areas nor were they going to areas, within the time frame of the test, that would provide the conditions required by the manufacturer for this test. This particular test could require some simple construction or minor engineering abilities. All of that was taken into concederation. In the Seychelle test the requirements weren't very restrictive and the selection was random. I suppose a case could be made that no human action is ever truly random. A truly random selection wouldn't be in the best interests of the people on this list or the manufacturers. Gerry was chosen for the stated reasons. I hope the stated reasons will prove to be unnecessary in the future. If you feel this is unreasonable then please do not apply in the future. This list is not a drawing for gear give away or a popularity contest. It is a serious list for the testing of gear for the benefit of both manufacturers and the people on this list. I hope this clarifies this issue.
      Thanks for your interest.
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