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hammock testing

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  • supeanet
    Hi, I m interested in testing the hammock. I m male, 32 5 9 . I ve been backpacking for six years. , I backpack in woody areas or out on the moors. I try to
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      Hi, I'm interested in testing the hammock.  I'm male, 32 5'9".  I've
      been backpacking for six years.  , I backpack in woody areas or out on the moors.
      I try to get out for ten or so trips a year in all weathers and carry both tent and hammock  I use a Coleman  bag that is rated to -10 degrees C for all trips between September and march 
      I use the hammock in all weathers, and I'm planning for a trip in  the next few weeks out into the woods, which I think would be the perfect test ground to test a new hammock 
      I can and am prepared to meet all the conditions
      here's hoping

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