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Wild Roses Sedona Rose P-Tights - Initial Report

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  • Laurie Shuster
    Hi! Here s my initial report on the P-Tights. I m headed out on a four day trip and will complete any edits when I return. Happy Trails! Laurie
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
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      Here's my initial report on the P-Tights. I'm headed out on a four day trip
      and will complete any edits when I return.

      Happy Trails!


      Wild Roses Sedona Rose P-Tights
      Initial Report - April 30, 2003

      Reviewer Information
      Laurie Shuster
      Lynnwood, WA

      Age: 34, Female
      Height: 5’5” (1.65 m)
      Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)
      Hips: 37 inches (94 cm)
      Waist: 29 inches (74 cm)
      Inseam: 28 inches (71 cm)

      Backpacking Experience
      I’ve been a dayhiker since the mid 1980s and a backpacker since 1992. I
      love the outdoors and I get out as much as I can, taking daily walks/runs,
      weekly day hikes, and frequent backpack trips. Currently I live near
      Seattle, but I spend 2/3 of my time traveling the United States with my job.
      This gives me a fantastic opportunity to explore National Parks and Forests
      from coast to coast on the weekends! My favorite activity on the road is to
      find the closest park and hike as much as I can on Saturday and Sunday.

      Product Information
      Manufacturer: Wild Roses
      Manufactured: 2003
      Item Number: 98560
      Size: Medium Color: Black
      Listed Weight: 7 oz. / 200 g
      Weight as delivered: 7.9 oz/224 g

      I received the Sedona Rose P-Tights on Wednesday, April 23 when I came home
      after a business trip. They arrived in excellent condition - along with a
      very dangerous catalog of Wild Roses' other products and two very cute
      company logo stickers.

      P-System Zipper. This feature sets these tights apart from all the others!
      An 20 inch (51 cm) zipper runs from the front waistband to the top of the
      buttocks (about 4 inches (10 cm) from the bottom of the rear waistband.)
      When open, the zipper allows plenty of room to squat and answer nature's
      call while leaving your pants on and skin covered. Halleluiah!

      Just as amazing is the way this zipper is sewn in - it is absolutely
      invisible from the outside even when the tights are on. When I first put
      the tights on, they felt a tiny bit heavier in the crotch than other tights
      I was used to. After a few minutes, that sensation went away and now I
      don't even notice the zipper is there. It is very easy to open and close
      and does not snag on the surrounding fabric.

      Fabric. The Sedona Rose P-Tights are made of Malden's PowerStretch 50
      fabric - "a nylon/Lycra outer face with brushed micropolyester inner face"
      according to the hang tag. The outer layer is designed to be wind and
      abrasion resistant, while the inner layer wicks moisture away from the skin.
      They are incredibly comfortable! I hardly even notice they are on me.

      Closures. The waistband is a non-binding, 1.5 inch ( 3.8 cm) wide elastic
      strip with an internal draw cord and large key pocket.

      Wild Roses designs products specifically for active women. The five sizes on
      their sizing chart are grouped closely together allowing you to zone in much
      more easily on a well fitting item. My measurements are on the border
      between small and medium - hips were small or medium, waist was a definite
      medium and inseam a definite small. Since I detest tight clothing, I
      decided on the medium and am pretty happy with the results. The fit is
      about 85% perfect; the waist and hips are great, but the legs are slightly
      big. They are roughly 1 inch (2.5 cm) too long and the fabric is a little
      bit loose and puckery around the crotch and on the legs. Wearing long
      underwear under the tights takes up this extra room nicely and they fit just
      about perfectly.

      This is an area where I'd like to suggest some improvements. The hang tag
      that comes with the tights says they are machine washable, but does not
      recommend how to wash and dry them. The sewn in care tag attempts to
      recommend product care with no words - only a series of 5 symbols I haven't
      seen before. Unfortunately, I can only definitely decipher the "do not
      iron" symbol and am having a hard time with the rest. My best guess it that
      you are supposed to wash it at 30 degrees C (86 F), line dry, don't use
      bleach, iron or dry cleaning.

      I am really enjoying the Sedona Rose P-tights so far! They are extremely
      comfortable and the P-System zipper has exceeded my expectations. It is
      invisible to outsiders, easy to use, and not at all uncomfortable. My only
      recommendation at this point is for Wild Roses to provide more descriptive
      product care instructions on the hang tag and inside label.

      Field Test Conditions
      I have worn the Sedona Rose P-tights layered over capilene long johns for a
      few in town walks and a two hour dayhike. Weather conditions have ranged
      from a very cloudy, breezy 48 degrees F (9 C) to a calm, sunny 55 degrees F
      (12.8 C). The tights and long johns kept me quite comfortable even on the
      cooler day as long as I was moving.

      Since I've worn non-zippered long johns as a base layer, I have not been
      able to truly test the P-System zipper in the great outdoors, but I have
      successfully tested it in the bathroom. It was a very strange sensation to
      pee while wearing long pants, but I quickly adapted and had a successful
      experience. I'm headed out on a four day backpack tomorrow and will do some
      extensive zipper testing then.

      Test Plan
      I plan to wear the P-Tights for several different activities and under a
      variety of conditions as I travel around the country.
      1) On routine walks and runs.
      2) During my frequent dayhikes and backpacks.
      3) Layered over long johns, under rain pants, and worn on their own.
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