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APPLICATION Six Moon Designs Moonlite Pack

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  • leesa04048
    Six Moon Designs Moonlite Pack April 7, 2003 I am submitting this application to test the Six Moon Designs Moonlite Pack. Please excuse any Yahooisms! Thank
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      Six Moon Designs Moonlite Pack

      April 7, 2003

      I am submitting this application to test the Six Moon Designs Moonlite Pack.
      Please excuse any Yahooisms! Thank you for your consideration.

      Personal Information:
      Leesa Joiner
      ljo AT midmaine dot com
      Southwestern Maine
      41 years old
      5'7" (1.7 M)
      150 lbs. (68 kg)

      My camping, hiking and backpacking experience has included trips varying in
      length from one day hikes, to 2-week trips. My experience hiking began with
      my father, when I was about 6 years old. We hiked along the river pathways
      in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.
      During warm weather, I backpack, geocache and camp with friends and
      family. During the winter months, I take advantage of living in Maine-
      learning to snowshoe, cross-country skiing, ice fishing and backpacking.
      Although my backpacking style would not be considered lightweight, I am
      trying to `lighten up'.

      Test Plan:
      In the early spring, I would test this pack while on day hikes, both on foot
      and snow shoeing. The size appears appropriate for carrying extra clothes,
      food, water, a book or two, GPS and camera. While hiking with my scout
      groups, I also need to pack emergency information, first-aid kit, etc.
      During the summer, I would test the pack on longer hikes, and need to
      include more food, and less clothing. I have hikes planned in the White
      Mountains and in northern Vermont over the summer. I will also be camping
      and backpacking in Northern Maine this summer. The pack would accompany
      me on all trips. Most hikes are below the 3000 foot ( 914m) level. Our spring
      and summer temperatures range from lows of 32 F (0C) to highs of 90 F
      (32C), with moderate rain fall.

      In looking at the Six Moon Designs web site, I am very intrigued by the claim
      that the pack is only 13 ounces (368 grams) without the harness, yet has a
      capacity of 4000 cu. in. (65.5 liters). This would allow me to carry all my
      'neccessities' , for either a cool weather day hike, or a warm weather
      overnight trip. The High Strength Spectra fabric would hopefully hold up well
      to frequent use. Another design component that interests me is the DriGlide
      Back Panel. It is designed to alieviate friction and provide moisture wicking. I
      am for anything that makes carrying the pack more comfortable.

      In testing this pack, I would look at manufactuers claims. How well the pack
      holds up to frequent use, how easy it is to pack items and how comfortable it
      is to carry. As our weather warms, I would be very interested as to whether
      the pack causes excessive perspiration on my back. I would use my Therm-a-
      Rest with the Six Moon Designs Pack, utilizing the seperate pad case.
      Another area I would look at is the claim that storing a hydration system within
      the pack . There doesn't appear to be an area for a water bladder that is
      seperated from the other contents of the pack. This could be a potential
      problem, in regards to items puncturing the bladder, condensation, etc.

      I have read the latest version of the survival guide on 4/7/03, and agree
      to comply with it.

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