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APPLICATION: Granite Gear Ruff Rider Dog Pack

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  • dawnhark
    APPLICATION: Granite Gear Ruff Rider Dog Pack 4/2/03 Please accept my application to test the Granite Gear Rough Rider Dog Pack. I have read Chapter Five of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2003
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      APPLICATION: Granite Gear Ruff Rider Dog Pack

      Please accept my application to test the Granite Gear Rough Rider Dog
      Pack. I have read Chapter Five of the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide,
      version 1202, and I understand and will comply with all requirements.

      Biographical Information

      Tester: Dawn Harkins, age 47, female, 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), 187
      pounds (85 kg).
      Email Address: dawnhark "at" yahoo "dot" com
      Location: Lake Tahoe, Northern California, USA

      Backpacking Background: I began backpacking in 1973, but spent the
      eighties and nineties mostly car camping and day hiking. I now
      backpack regularly. Most of my hiking is done in the High Sierra in
      areas within a day's drive of Tahoe. Other places I've hiked include
      many of the western states, British Columbia, and Alaska.

      Real Tester: Jesse, male, aka Jesse James Bond and Pooper
      Age: 8 years
      Weight: 80 pounds
      Ingredients: Half Golden Retriever, half Husky
      Appearance: Looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog if you squint
      Experience: Has been my trail companion for the past eight years;
      tends to cover roughly ten times the mileage I do on any given hike

      Field Information

      Location: The Sierra Nevada of Northern California at elevations of
      5,000 to 11,000 feet (1,500 to 3,300 meters), more or less. The
      terrain in this area is mountainous, with granite peaks and ridges,
      alpine lakes, canyons, talus slopes, and meadows. Forests are
      predominantly pine and fir. This is a semi-arid region.

      Weather Conditions: The weather here, in the spring, summer, and fall,
      is generally dry and sunny, and often windy, with temperatures ranging
      from about 25 F (-4 C) to 85 F (29 C). In the summer, short afternoon
      thundershowers are common, though in recent years they have appeared
      less frequently. Winter weather includes heavy snow, with temperatures
      usually ranging from 10 F (-12 C) to 50 F (10 C). [Note: Temperatures
      cited are those most commonly encountered by this tester; actual
      conditions vary.]

      Backpacking Style: I average a couple of two- to three-day backpack
      trips per month. I'm replacing my older, heavier gear with lighter
      weight versions. When I do use a shelter, most often it is a tarp. I
      day-hike several times per week.

      I usually hike solo, taking my time; typical daily mileage for me is
      anywhere from two to ten miles (3 to 16 km), sometimes more. I like to
      explore off-trail, and to hike without a plan, and I sometimes find
      myself still on the trail after dark. My dog Jesse always comes with me.

      Granite Gear Ruff Rider Dog Pack Test Proposal

      Jesse and I get out on the trail anywhere from two to six days per
      week for short walks, day-long hikes, and backpacking. Jesse has never
      worn a pack, but he has worn hunting vests and adapted to them with no
      trouble. Indeed, he seems quite proud of himself when "dressed up,"
      and I suspect he'll also enjoy wearing a pack.

      I plan to keep his pack weight below eight pounds or so; he's an
      enormously active dog who loves to jump, and I don't want to cause
      undue strain to any of his joints, which are in good condition. Given
      his propensity to leap into any available water, I'll have ample
      opportunity to see how well the Ruff Rider repels and/or drains water.
      Jesse loves to explore off-trail, too, so a big part of the test will
      be to see how well the pack sticks with him.

      Jesse and I will also be looking at how well the pack rides, how easy
      it is to use, how durable it is, and how comfortable it is for him.

      If selected for this test, I'll need a bit of advice on whether to go
      with the Medium or the Large size (he's right at the cut-off between
      the two). I would prefer a smaller volume pack, but only if the straps
      are fully adjustable. As to color, Jesse says the Maple sounds tasty.

      Recently Completed Tests:

      Moonbow Gearskin Pack
      GoLite Hex 2 Shelter

      Currently Testing:

      NEOS Navigator 5 Overshoes
      Black Diamond Contour Trekking Poles
      Adventure Medical Emergency Bivvy and Extremity Warmers

      Previously Written Reports and Reviews:

      Black Diamond Moonlight Headlamp Test Series, August 2002
      Birdiepal Junior Umbrella Test Series, August 2002
      Duray Socks Test Series, Winter 2002
      L.L.Bean Windshirt, Owner Review, January 2003
      Therm-A-Rest Lite 25 Easy Chair, Owner Review, November 2002
      Ultimate Gemini Torso Pack, Owner Review, March 2002
      32north Stabilicers, Owner Review, December 2001
      Lowa Tempest Mid Boots, Owner Review, December 2001

      Currently Serving as Monitor For:
      Brasslite Solo Stove
      Adventure Medical .9 First Aid Kit

      Beta tests have included a stove, snowshoes, and snow traction
      devices; I am not currently beta testing anything.

      Thank you for considering my application.
      Dawn Harkins
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