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Re: Thoughts on the Gregory G-Pack from a former Owner...

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  • dawnhark
    Warning: I m committing a dawn (who better, right?), and this issue has likely already been addressed, but if I don t comment now I will very likely forget
    Message 1 of 42 , Apr 1, 2003
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      Warning: I'm committing a "dawn" (who better, right?), and this issue
      has likely already been addressed, but if I don't comment now I will
      very likely forget all about it by the time I read the rest of the

      Ted, two things:

      1. Fun, lively writing; I look forward to reading your reports.

      2. Why are you judging the durability of a pack designed to carry
      20-25 pounds, as stated on the Gregory site, by loading it with "that
      45 lb load of rain drenched cold weather gear"?


      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "pseudacriscrucifer"
      <ambystoma@a...> wrote:
      > Alas, I must say, I had been swindled by gregory. Seduced by the
      fantastic fit, great weight carrying ability, and dreams of
      lightweight speed and glory, I purchased a G-Pack. Oh, it felt so
      good in the store, carried so well, I thought "this is the pack for
      me". I was especially excited at the chance to field test it for the
      first time when I had an impromptu chance to climb Mt. Washington in a
      last ditch attempt to get a winter ascent in before it was too muddy
      to climb. So my G-Pack and I loaded up, and away we went with visions
      of mountaineering glory. The ascent was amazing, and I heartily
      reccomend it to anyone who has the chance. I thought, "my sweet
      G-pack, how well you carried that 45 lb load of rain drenched cold
      weather gear" When I came home though, and unpacked everything, it
      was a different story. First I noticed on a mesh panel on the large
      outside pocket had blown a thumb sized hole. I brought it back to
      EMS, where I contemplated returning or repairing. Then I noticed all
      over the top front part of the bag where the top of the big pocket
      lies, punctures, and then several half inch tears. One hard day hike
      and the pack seemed ravaged. The lesson, ultra-light is not all its
      cracked up to be. I will say I have never worn a more comfortable
      rucksack, and it is feather light, but 30-D nylon isn't enough. So
      this has been my experience, and is by no means a comprehensive test
      or review, since I didn't even own the pack long enough. I would be
      curious however to hear anyone elses thoughts, feelings or experiences
      with the g-pack.
      > Cheers,
      > Ted
    • scot_caz
      ... this ... that ... what you ... you get ... some very ... your first ... Lurk and learn, post and burn. LOL. Hang in there, Ted...I liked your original
      Message 42 of 42 , Apr 2, 2003
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        --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, David Anderson
        <danderson@b...> wrote:
        > The problem there was that you made (in humor) a major faux pas on
        > list, that tainted the rest of your post for everyone reading it
        > understand the rules around here. Whether or not you intended it,
        what you
        > posted was flamebait. And the results of posting flamebait is that
        you get
        > flamed. When I first got online back in the BBS days, I was given
        some very
        > good advice, always lurk for a few weeks or months before making
        your first
        > posting.
        > David Anderson

        "Lurk and learn, post and burn." LOL.

        Hang in there, Ted...I liked your original post. I'm still learning
        the ropes around here, too...if you have the time, read
        Kampfire...it's a lot more free-wheeling and you get a better sense
        of people's character and sense of humour. I don't think they're as
        prissy and demanding as it seems...it's just this forum is 'on
        display' to an extent. Condescending? You should see (maybe you
        have) some of the stuff sent in seriously. Hard to tell what is
        serious and what is tinged with irony.

        Check out Kampfire...seriously <BG>.

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