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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW:Buff multi-functional headwear;Carol

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  • grahamblamey
    ... Hi Carol, firing now ! Many thanks for your excellent review. Essentially, not much for you to do. There s a couple of bits I had to read twice to
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2003
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Carol Crooker" <cmcrooker@w...>
      > Hi all,
      > Please peruse this owner's review and fire away at will.

      Hi Carol, firing now !
      Many thanks for your excellent review.
      Essentially, not much for you to do. There's a couple of bits I had to read
      twice to understand but I think they're easily fixed. When you're happy with
      it please post back to the list, with REPOST in the subject heading and I'll
      create a folder for your review.
      BGT Edit Monitor

      > Owner's Review of the Buff, multifunctional head and neck wear

      ### I think it should be multi-functional (as Buff describe it on their
      website :-)

      > Dimensions and weight as delivered:
      > 20" x 9.5" (51 x 24 cm) and 19.5" x 9.5" (49.5 x 24 cm) I have two Buffs.

      ### I think it would read better if the explanation 'I have two Buffs' were
      either before the dimensions or in brackets after

      > I've used the Buff on my walks around the neighborhood near Phoenix,
      Arizona and taken it on two backpacking trips. Neighborhood temperatures
      were in the 50's to 60's (10 to 20 degrees C). The first backpacking trip
      was a 5-day snow camping trip in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains near
      Mammoth Lakes, CA. Temperatures ranged from 3 to 55 degrees (-16 to 13 C)
      with little to no wind. The second was a 4-day trip in the Superstition
      Mountains near Phoenix with mild temperatures ranging from 35 to 75 degrees
      (2 to 24 degrees C) and, at times, lots of wind with gusts to about 40

      ### I prefer to see temperatures written as eg. 35 to 75 F (2 to 24 C) in
      other words lose the word 'degrees' (but I'm not fussed :-)

      > Observations
      > Depending on my mood, I feel very stylish with a bit of color around my
      neck or on my head, or, I feel silly for advertising Survivor.

      ### I think this would read better if written '....feel 'very stylish' with
      a bit of colour around my neck, or, 'very silly' for .....

      balaclava. I only took it off midday when the sun was really beating down.
      When I slept, I used the Buff as a balaclava under or over my

      ### 'I only took it off *AT or AROUND* midday....'

      > The Buff works better for me as a balaclava than my "normal" balaclava

      ### only needs 'normal'

      (midweight comfortrel,

      ### Comfortrel is a brand name, should be capitalised

      > here after referred to as "balaclava").

      ### I think you should use 'balaclava' and continue to use ' ' whenever you
      mean 'balaclava' instead of balaclava (and it should be 'hereafter' or

      > Conclusions
      > I love the Buff. It's a very simple and light weight piece of

      ### I'd spell this 'lightweight' ;-)

      clothing that works very well for me in both cold and borderline weather.
      And, it occasionally provides entertainment as I try it out in different

      OT: Thanks to your very first OR, I (eventually) got a thermachron ibutton a
      couple of weeks ago. What an intriguing little gadget, I love it and if
      you'd have posted this OR sooner I'd have got a Buff for my wife's birthday
      on Thurs. last. Keep it up :-)

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