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Application to TEST Ruff Wear Leash

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  • Cory <cory_crosscountry@yahoo.com>
    Application to test the RUFF WEAR RETRACTABLE LEASH and COLLAR. I have read Chapter Five of the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide, version 1202 (as well as the
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      Application to test the RUFF WEAR RETRACTABLE LEASH and COLLAR.

      I have read Chapter Five of the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide,
      version 1202 (as well as the whole manual), and I will follow all
      requirements. And, I have been practicing my uploading skills and
      working on editing old reports.

      Tester Bio Information

      Name: Cory K. Lampert
      Age: 28
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
      Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
      Email address: cory_crosscountry@...
      City, State, and Country: Milwaukee, WI, USA
      Date: March 1, 2002


      I grew up in Denver, Colorado and was lucky to enjoy camping and
      hiking from a young age. In 1998, I took my first backpacking trip
      in the Catskill Mountains of New York while attending college.
      Despite the blisters, I was so enamored with the experience that I
      decided to attempt a long-distance hike (as my second backpacking
      trip!). In 1999 thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and gained intense
      backpacking experience, curiosity to learn more about lightweight
      backpacking and new technologies in hiking gear, and a lifetime love
      of wilderness travel.

      On the AT, I met my fiancé (now husband) a devoted heavyweight (his
      trail name is "Pack Mule"). We were married in April of 2002, and
      hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for our honeymoon. We attempted a
      hybrid traditional/lightweight approach to the. We hiked the entire
      trail with our dog, which presented interesting challenges and added
      a unique aspect to the trip. One of which was how to obey the rules
      on public lands and still see our dog Pocky enjoy bounding through a
      mountain meadow.

      Currently, I spend much of my time in snowy areas: I love to
      backcountry ski and snowshoe and my husband and I recently relocated
      to his hometown (Milwaukee) and will be section-hiking/snowshoeing
      parts of the Ice Age Trail this winter. I am also looking forward to
      taking various trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

      I work in non-profit environmental administration and some of
      my other interests include trail maintenance, horseback riding, and
      downhill skiing all which require me to be outside a great deal I
      enjoy writing and feel I will be able to convey information in an
      interesting and informative fashion.

      Tester Bio Information

      Name: Pocky "Pocket Rocket"
      Age: 6
      Gender: Male
      Breed: Mutt (Husky/Shepard/Beagle mix)
      Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
      Live with: My people in Milwaukee, WI USA
      Date: March 1, 2002


      Well, I was rescued from an animal shelter in Long Island, NY and
      mostly lived a cushy urban life for my early puppyhood. In 1999, I
      moved with my people to Colorado where I was first introduced to
      white stuff, a.k.a `snow". I love this stuff and my people took me
      to see it often. Last year, we went on the Long Walk and it was
      pretty darn fun. The people were slow, but they carried my food and
      we had a nice place to sleep every night where they would set up my
      doghouse and I could snooze. My favorite parts of the Pacific Crest
      Trail were: gecko chasing in the desert, walking on lots of white
      stuff on the Packwood Glacier in Washington, and the high mountain
      meadows in the Sierra where a dog can really sniff some good stuff.
      My least favorite parts of the hike were the National Parks where I
      was not allowed, the restaurants where the people ate burgers and I
      had to wait outside, and the times I had to be on the leash because
      uniforms were around or the people were afraid I would be naughty.

      I think this leash is a great idea! It gives me the freedom I
      deserve, it's not embarrassing like having a full leash on, and the
      people can grab it and satisfy the uniforms without me losing my
      doggie pride. I also really like Ruff Wear Stuff; those people know
      what a dog needs! We have a collapsible bowl that I used on the Long
      Walk and I love it. (You should have heard my people complain about
      the bowl they used to have to carry for me.)

      Here's some more of my people's information:

      Cory has tested for BackpackGearTest:
      § Mt. Washington Sleeping Pad
      § Integral Designs SilShelter

      Cory submitted Owner Reports for:
      § Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight Tent
      § North Face Cat's Meow Sleeping bag
      § REI Midweight long underwear

      Cory plans to submit Owner Reviews for:
      § Feathered Friends Penguin bag and Toucan groundsheet
      § MSR Denali snowshoes

      Backpacking Background applicable to this test:

      After 2,100 miles of hiking with our dog there is one thing I can
      say: We really could have used this leash! It sounds brilliant! We
      carried a nylon leash with carabineer for Pocky on our hike and it
      worked okay, but you still had to find the leash, un-attach the leash
      from the pack, grab the dog, bend over with your pack on and hook it
      on. The retractable design of this leash sounds wonderful.
      We also like to snowshoe, ski, and walk with our dog just about
      everywhere. It is so nice to be able to let the dog have some
      freedom and still be in control of the situation if you need to
      produce a leash and rein in your pup. I have lots of outdoor
      experience but I think Pocky speaks for himself:

      Pocky says: You should pick me for this test because I am a great
      hiking dog, I really need a Stealth Leash, and I am used to saying my
      piece! You can check out my journal of my Long Walk at
      www.trailjournals.com/CrossCountry/PCT/2002. Oh and my Milwaukee
      buddy, Tanner, a Bernese Mountain dog; is also interested in testing
      this. He is just a puppy and has a lot to learn, but I can vouch for
      him. He's gonna need this leash, because no uniform is gonna miss
      this big guy!

      Field Information: I plan to test the leash on several trips. .
      § Trip 1 will be to the Porcupine Mountains of Upper Michigan
      including at least three nights and about 18 miles of hiking total.
      Since this is a state park, the dog will need to be leashed and we
      can see how the product performs as compared to a standard leash.
      § Trip 2 will be a weeklong trip to the Nantahala Mountains,
      North Carolina area in early April. This will be a great chance to
      let Pocky roam unleashed, and test out the stealth capacity of the
      product. We will be crossing roads and meeting other hikers, so we
      will need to grab him periodically and reel him into a close
      § Trip 3 will be to a campground in Rocky Mountain National
      Park where dogs are forbidden to be off leash. While we won't be
      able to take the dog on any trails in the park, we will be able to
      test the usage of the leash in camp, where there are often rangers,
      and the dog needs mobility and to be controlled. (I was once
      reprimanded by a ranger for letting the dog out of the tent off-leash
      as I followed him out of the tent. I had him by the collar the whole
      time!) That is an example of where this product could really be
      § We will also try out the leash on walks around our
      neighborhood. We are right on Lake Michigan and dogs love to frolic
      off-leash by the lake. We really love Ruff Wear products and would
      be so pleased to test one of their products.

      I was a member of BGT in the early days and am trying to
      catch up to the new improved group. I have tested previously, but I
      would like to take this opportunity to attempt my first test with the
      new standards. I have been working on my uploading skills, re-
      editing old reports and creating new owner reviews. I hope to be
      able to start out with a straightforward test like this one and hone
      my skills.

      Previously Written Report Links:

      Owner Reviews:

      Most recent: REI MTS Long Underwear


      Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight


      Completed Tests:

      Most recent: Integral Designs SilShelter


      Mt. Washington Sleeping Pad, ultra-light sleeping pad


      Currently Testing Other Items:


      Currently Serving as Monitor For:


      Respectfully Submitted,

      Cory Lampert
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