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Re:EDIT: Revised qwner's review - Guide Gear convertible nylon pants

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  • Graham Blamey <gg@higray.fsnet.co.uk>
    ... Pants Marc, you do not appear to have edited much of this review, and all the edits are those that appear in your Kelty Vortex tent review which James has
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2003
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, magickfingers@n... wrote:
      > Owner Review Sportsman's Guide 'Guide Gear' Convertible Nylon

      Marc, you do not appear to have edited much of this review, and all
      the edits are those that appear in your Kelty Vortex tent review
      which James has commented on. When you have finished editing the
      Kelty review, then come back to this one and edit it accordingly. The
      sooner you get this done, the sooner we can get you into the testing
      BGT Edit

      > Tester's name: Marc Pfenning
      > Trail name: Magickfingers
      > Email: magickfingers@n...
      > Age: 49
      > DOB: 9/30/53
      > Male, 6'(1.9M), 170#(77 Kg)
      > Residence: North East Kingdom of Vermont
      > Hiking Background: I joined the Green Mountain Club @ 8 years old,
      and enjoyed lots of hiking and camping with them as I was growing
      up. I was very active in a boy scout troop that was out on the trail
      almost every weekend. I became an Eagle scout @ 16; Hurricane Island
      Outward Bound School @ 17 changed my life. I have hiked most of the
      Long Trail at one time or another, and plan to hike it end-to-end
      this September. I suffered a serious stroke in 2000, and had to
      teach myself how to walk, read, etc. A very interesting experience,
      but NOT recommended. I lost a lot of strength during the long
      recovery; I'm still building it back up. I enjoy hiking,
      backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, and mountain biking. I have been
      experimenting with lightweight/ultralight gear and techniques in
      order to get back out on the trail. I enjoy camping in all four
      seasons; I have spent many nights in snow caves at -20 F(-30C) or
      colder, and often hike in shorts and a t-shirt in the 90sF(30sC). I
      also enjoy canoe camping(you eat a lot better:)). We are still able
      to have open campfires about anywhere in Vermont but I cook about
      half of my meals on a camp stove, in the interests of convenience and
      LNT principles. I currently use a Kelty Vortex 2 tent which is a
      fine tent but is far from lightweight. I hope to acquire a Henry
      Shires TarpTent in the not too distant future.
      > Manufacturer: Sportsman's

      > web site:

      > product: Guide Gear convertible (zip-off) nylon pants
      > price: i paid $14.99, currently $19.99
      > I always thought that zip-off pants were pretty 'trendy' and never
      thought that I would own a pair, but last spring I was shopping for
      <$50 nylon pants, and when I saw the price on these, I realized that
      summer was soon coming, and I live in nylon shorts for the summer. I
      figured it was worth a try for $15. I have since ordered a second
      pair, and wear them almost exclusively. I am wearing a pair right
      now, with fleece pants under them ( it's about 15*F (-8* C) outside
      now). I even bought a pair as a gift for my brother, and he also
      likes them a lot. These pants are available in 30"(75 cm), 32" (80
      cm) and 34"(85 cm) inseams, and in black, olive or khaki. They are
      item # WX2-58003 (30"), WX2-58004 (32") and WX2-58006 (34").
      > I am 6' (1.9M) tall and bought the 34" size, and they fit me fine.
      The pants have front slash pockets and cargo pockets. The left slash
      pocket has a hidden zipped security pocket, and the right slash
      pocket has an attached key clip, which is probably the most useful
      feature of the pants. On the rare occassion that I wear some other
      pants I am constantly trying to hook my keys on the key clip, then
      wondering why it isn't a standard feature in every pair of pants.
      There is also one zipped rear pocket, on the right side. I have
      found that the cargo pockets are very useful for storing the legs
      when worn as shorts. That way I don't lose them, and I even know
      which leg goes on which side. I'm sure that there are lighter weight
      nylon pants out there (zippers are heavy) but with these I don't need
      to pack shorts, so it's a wash in my book. The pants are very well
      made and durable. They are relatively water resistant but not
      waterproof. The only suggestion for improvement that I have (are you
      listening, Gary?) would be to put grommets in the bottom of the
      pockets, because when I wear the shorts swimming I always come up
      with all the pockets full of water. It's not a big deal, but
      grommets would be a pretty simple and inexpensive solution. I may
      even get around to modifying mine some day. All in all, these are
      very nice pants and definitely in the running for 'bargain of the
      year' status. I would recommend that anyone looking for convertible
      nylon pants should check them out.
      > PROS: versatile, rugged, water resistant, great price, lots of
      > CONS: lots of pockets full of water after swimming
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