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Application to test Thermolite Bivvy Sack and Extremity Warmers

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  • Andrew Claus
    Application to test Thermo-Lite Bivvy Sack and Extremity Warmers February 28, 2003 Tester Biography: Andrew Claus, Evergreen, Colorado, USA. Email at:
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      Application to test Thermo-Lite Bivvy Sack and
      Extremity Warmers
      February 28, 2003

      Tester Biography:

      Andrew Claus, Evergreen, Colorado, USA. Email at:
      andrewclaus �at� yahoo �dot� com

      I am a 45-year-old male. I am 5�9� (175 cm) tall, and
      weigh 150 pounds (68 kg). I live and play in the
      Colorado Rockies. I have section hiked the entire
      Colorado Trail. I hiked Mt. Washington to Mt.
      Katahdin on the Appalachian Trail in �02. I have been
      backpacking, backcountry skiing, and bike touring for
      the past twenty years. I have climbed all 54 of
      Colorado�s �14ers� (14,000'/4,260m peaks). I get out
      on day trips into the high country at least once a
      week, year �round, and on backpacking trips several
      times a year, including at least one in winter. I
      also do a lot of outdoor travel as a wildland

      Testing proposal:

      I will have the opportunity to deploy and use the
      Bivvy Sack and the Extremity Warmers on weekly
      backcountry ski trips. My trips generally consist of
      at least 10 miles (15km) round trip, with at least
      2000� (700m) elevation gain. I generally go beyond
      the end of the packed or established trail, often
      above tree line when snow conditions are safe. So I
      always carry some rudimentary survival gear�space
      blanket, duct tape, snow shovel, extra hat, mitts, and
      down insulation. On some extreme trips of 20 miles
      (30km) or more, my partners and I will carry one
      sleeping bag and stove, to keep at least one disabled
      person warm. But it would be nice to have these
      products along instead of my cobbled-together kit.

      I will use the extremity warmers on winter lunch
      breaks. I always notice a definite drop in my body
      heat after lunch, with numbness encroaching on fingers
      and toes. I wonder if this product will help.

      I�ll also use the bivvy as a snow �seat cover�. I
      usually sit on my pack, and then have to get up every
      time I need something, like another smashed sandwich.

      I�m also planning a five-day desert trip to Utah in
      March, and may consider using this as a primary
      shelter. I usually use a tarp. This will be with a
      large group, so there will be secondary shelter

      I also enjoy clear nights outside my shelter, but the
      clear nights in the Colorado high country are seldom
      above 20F (-10C), coincidentally the rating of my
      sleeping bag. Another lightweight layer could make it
      even more enjoyable.

      Summer day trips usually consist of a summit attempt
      in the high 13,000� (4,000m) range. I always carry
      the same survival kit I do in winter, and will pack
      these products, instead. To simulate summer
      conditions, I will try the products in my yard at
      7,200� (2,200m) in summer storms, including rain,
      hail, grapple, and light snow.

      Testing considerations:

      I will evaluate the reflective properties and
      insulation properties of these products. I am a
      state-certified firefighter (Colorado Firefighter I),
      and have experience with the heat transfer properties
      of protective gear and clothing.

      I will evaluate the reusability of the products, with
      weekly packing, unpacking, and drying and repacking at

      I will evaluate the ventilation features of the Bivvy

      I have read the latest version of the survival guide,
      2/15/03, and agree to comply with it.

      Thank you for considering me for testing this
      interesting piece of equipment.

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