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APPLICATION: Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .9

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  • Dennis Shubitowski
    This is my application to test the Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .9. I have read the current Survival Guide (v. 1202) and agree to abide by all rules and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2003
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      This is my application to test the Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight .9. I have read the current Survival Guide (v. 1202) and agree to abide by all rules and regulations.

      Personal Information:
      Dennis Shubitowski
      Age 33
      5'11" (180.34 cm)
      165 lbs (74.84 kg)
      "shubitow" AT "msu" dot "edu"
      Owosso, Michigan

      Brief Biography:
      Born, raised, and currently live in Michigan. I have been camping with family since I was a young tot (and probably before that) along with scouting activities. I have been backpacking since the early 1990s and have gotten out much more over the last two years as life has settled down. I also hunt, geocache, horseback ride, ski, orienteer, and canoe. I backpack in every season - rain, snow, or shine. My hiking philosophy is definitely slid somewhere between ultra- and lightweight backpacking over the past couple years from my "backbreaker" days. This includes a homemade tarptent shelter (although those hammocks are starting to look inviting!), a frameless backpack, homemade alcohol and Esbit stoves, and cooking in a WalMart grease pot.

      Testing Plan:
      This is a hard one to fill out! I don't intentionally plan on hurting myself or any members in my hiking party, but that said, accidents are bound to happen. My current medical/miscellaneous bag contains some of the same items that are in this medical kit - various medications, bandaging material, and blister treatment. My reason for applying for this test is that, although I am not one of the "What if..." types of people, my medical bag is probably the most woeful areas in my backpack. I have been lucky to this point to only need to treat blisters, minor cuts and scrapes, and headaches. I would be out of luck, or have to rely on a hiking partner, if anything more serious happened, and I think that is a sad statement. I wouldn't find carrying a few extra ounces for the testing period to see if an Adventure Medical Kit is something that I would consider carrying in the future or would recommend to others. There may be simply too many things in the kit or there may not be enough. The kit looks like it may be a bit much for a solo hiker, but it probably about right for up to 4 people as is specified.

      I often hike solo for short trips like geocaching and dayhikes, but most of my weekend trips and longer are with at least one to three additional people. The Adventure Medical Kit will simply replace my current silnylon medical bag in my backpack for all my hikes. I would use the items in the kit as I use my current medical bag now and evaluate it as a typical medical kit for backpacking. Of course, I would offer to be Johnny-on-the-Spot if any hiking party members needed assistance of the medical persuasion. I sometimes hike with my dog Katie (Weimaraner - and she is getting pretty old now), and although it is not a specified purpose of the kit, if something happened to my dog I would evaluate it for basic canine care as well in addition to items I would carry specifically for her. I often have to "dig" through my miscellaneous bag to find the things I need (well, dump the bag out on the ground!). Is the Adventure Medical kit well-organized and easy to access? Is the kit waterproof? This is important as I store everything in Ziploc bags currently to prevent bandages from getting soaked in case of an accidental dunking or sudden rain squall. Do items fall or spill out of it when opening it? How big is it and will it take a lot of space in my pack? The upcoming testing period is nearing prime hiking season in Michigan. I have two weekend trips planned between now and the end of March for sure. I will likely get out several times before I leave for the Pacific Northwest in May to do some exploring after a science conference. I have not made any hiking specific plans after that date as of yet, but activities likely will include car camping, canoeing, horseback riding trips with my wife, and more weekend hiking trips throughout the summer in addition to my activities now.

      Medical Experience:
      If animals count for medical experience, I'm good to go. I was a veterinary technician for several years, and I currently employed by a state university veterinary school. I do not, however, currently work with hospital animals in my current position. My medical knowledge translates well enough to not do harm to people, but I leave anything out of my league for the professionals. I do not consider myself a trained medical person by any stretch of the imagination and do not pretend to be (I only play one on TV... ;-). I am also trained in CPR but have luckily never had to use it. I do not have any training or volunteer experience in human medical care centers or hospitals.

      Similar Commercial Item used:
      Johnson & Johnson Emergency Home-Office and General Medical Use Kit here at work. I have accessed it infrequently (thank God).

      Current Tests:
      Gregory G Pack

      Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Poles

      Current Monitor Activities:
      Fleece-lined Seal Skinz socks and gloves (when that test begins)

      I have previously submitted the following Owner's Reviews:
      LAAF Gear MSR Stove Upgrade kit

      Camelbak Unbottle 70oz/2L

      GVP Gear G4 Backpack

      Current Beta Tests:
      MSR beta test

      Thank you for considering my application.

      Dennis Shubitowski
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