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Fw: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: Hennessy Gear Test

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    ... From: Gear Tester To: backpackgeartest@egroups.com Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 9:57 PM Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: Hennessy Gear Test ... series.
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      Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2000 9:57 PM
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Fw: Hennessy Gear Test

      > >From: "Tom Hennessy" <hennessyhammock@...>
      > >To: Jerry Goller <jerrygoller@...>
      > >Subject: Hennessy Hammock test
      > >Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000 20:00:09 -0800
      > >
      > >Jerry - we're having trouble posting our message to backpackgear...etc.
      > >
      > >Ann
      > >
      > >I really would appreciate it if Jerry Goller would handle the gear test.
      > >I would like testers' help in accomplishing two goals with this test
      > >The
      > >first is to introduce my new UltraLight Backpacker hammock. I am very
      > >interested in the observations and impressions of this new hammock from
      > >people I had in mind when I designed it, backpackers like you interested
      > >increasing comfort and reducing pack weight.
      > >The second thing I'd like to accomplish is to field test a belief I have
      > >that hammocks can be used in comfort at much lower temperatures than is
      > >generally believed.  I have  been  experimenting with different heat
      > >reflectors such as polyester space blankets,  auto windshield
      > >pads availlable at auto supply stores, and combinations to find the
      > >simplest, best, cheapest solution. Recently, Jerry and I have both been
      > >working with a new space blanket material called Thermo-lite. There is
      > >a Thermolite  bivy sack available. The blanket can be ordered from
      > >item #89034) and the bivy can be ordered from either Campmor (item
      > >or REI (item # 660707). I do not manufacture these items or I would
      > >them for testing.  I know Jerry has been working on a new  bivy sleep
      > >for a few weeks.  I am focusing on a top venting design with adjustable
      > >reflector coverage.  The blanket requires a minimal amount of sewing. The
      > >bivy is a slightly more involved project but I am sure Jerry, would be
      > >to provide instructions and help. I think the people on this list will be
      > >interested in these items anyway.  I'd like to know what your testers
      > >of these materials.  The testers should feel free to come up with as many
      > >other approaches as they can for solving the problem of staying
      > >in cooler weather.
      > >   I will provide the hammocks for testing. The testers will be required
      > >provide some additional gear required for cold weather use..  The
      > >gear required for the described methods costs $10 or $20. Any other
      > >tried should involve minimal cost to the end user.
      > >
      > >If the testers on this list are interested in testing under these
      > >requirements I would be happy to go forward with this series.  Please
      > >your bio and qualifications to this list and I will review them there.
      > >Include that you understand that you are responsible for any additional
      > >materials, above the hammock, required to satisfy the winter requirements
      > >the test and will test within 3 weeks of receipt of the hammock. I must
      > >receive the results and be able to use the information in time for the
      > >Outdoor Retailers show in January, 2001.
      > >
      > >  This information would also be  considered for production and future
      > >testing of a special sleeping
      > >bag which would be designed specifically for use with the Hennessy
      > >and which would incorporate all the best of this research.
      > >
      > >It would also be great to have some photos of Hennessy Hammocks used in
      > >snowy conditions for possible use at the winter OR show in SLC.
      > >
      > >The testers should feel free to try any other material or strategies for
      > >using my hammocks in cold weather as long as they thoroughly document
      > >methods and materials.
      > >Thank you for your help,
      > >Tom Hennessy
      > >Hennessy Hammocks
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