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  • Jack Corrigan
    Initial Test Report:STABILicers SPORTs Submitted for your review, as usual ignore the usual html to text yahooisms. Initial Test Report Product Name:
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      Initial Test Report:STABILicers SPORTs

      Submitted for your review, as usual ignore the usual html to text yahooisms.

      Initial Test Report
      Product Name:
      STABILicers SPORTsT (Anti-Slip Traction)

      Personal Biographical Information:

      Name: John (Jack) Corrigan
      Age: 39 years old
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters)
      Weight: 175 pounds (79 kilograms)
      Shoe Size: 9.5
      Email: k9sar@... (Website: http://www.jackquest.com)
      Region: New Berlinville, Pennsylvania (Southeastern Pennsylvania)
      Report Date: 1FEB2003
      I have always been one to do the outdoor thing as compared to the organized sport thing. In the Boy Scouts, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. We hiked most the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, usually in 20-25 mile (32-40 kilometer) sections. Participation in the routine camping experience was also a favorite activity. I also spent a summer in the Youth Conservation Corps building the first sections of the Thunder Swamp Trail System in the Pocono Mountains. Those were the days!
      During my tour of duty in the US Navy, I was able to continue my outdoor ways. While assigned to shore duty in upstate New York (just outside Saratoga), I camped in the Adirondack Mountains (that was my first chance to experience unexpected winter in October) and paddled the Battenkill River in Vermont several times. Sea duty on a submarine, however had put a serious cramp in one's access to the outdoors.

      Recently I worked as a Quality Assurance Technician and a Park Ranger so enjoying the outdoors continued on. For a while I even got paid for it. I also enjoy flat water canoe and kayak paddling. The relatively new activity of geocaching has also added to my outdoor experience. I continue to take regular day hikes.

      The purchase of a cabin (known as base camp north) on a couple acres in the Endless Mountain Region of Pennsylvania has also opened up access to excellent state park and state forest land as well as the Loyalsock Trail. I should clarify that the term "mountains" is somewhat relative as the elevation doesn't push past 2500-3000 feet (762-914 meters) and our cabin is at 1500 feet (457 meters). I am still amazed by the fact that during a recent trip to Yosemite even the valley floor is at around 6000 feet (1829 meters). I envy those with access to "real" mountains!

      I am also currently a volunteer search and rescue canine handler. This activity has resulted in the slow process of upgrading most of my gear. Let's just say that is still a work in progress! Although search and rescue doesn't always result in an overnight or multi-day trip, I am required to be prepared and trained for it. Training a search dog results in many hours of trekking through Penn's Woods.

      My treks are usually limited to 3-4 days in length. Although, my last extended (more than 1 week) outing was last summer as a volunteer for the Armed Forces Eco-Challenge. This trip was by far most memorable, the event was held in interior Alaska. I also include two of my four dogs in most of my outdoor activities.

      Product Information:

      Manufactured By: 32North
      Manufactured Date: 2003
      Manufacturer URL: http://www.32north.com
      Listed Weight: Not Listed
      Delivered Weight: 12.5 ounces (354 grams)
      Note: Item was weighed on a digital 0-25 pound postal scale.
      Additional Product Information:

      Size: Men's Medium
      Field Information:

      Testing will be conducted in my usual stomping grounds in and around Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.
      Description of Location(s):
      The terrain will include flat rolling grasslands, moderately and densely forested mountain areas. Of course, I will also seek out frozen bodies of water and trails. The elevation ranges from 500 to 2500 feet (152-762 meters). Around the house, I will also be using the STABILicers SPORTsT on ice or snow covered concrete and macadam.
      Weather Conditions:
      The expected temperature range for a test period from late February through July would be 30°F-50°F/1°C-10°C with short periods of colder weather and 50°F-70°F/10°C-32°C in the spring with much warmer periods near the end of the test period. I do not anticipate much need for the STABILicers SPORTsT once everything thaws out by the end of April. But I can always hope!
      As far as precipitation, the majority of the region has recovered from the drought of last year. This is an encouraging sign for testing the STABILicers SPORTs. The region has been getting several of those nuisance yet slippery small wintry mix type storms.

      Recreational camping, mid-weight backpacking, day hiking, flat water paddling and canine search and rescue activities
      Product Experience:
      The STABILicers SPORTsT arrived in excellent condition and included a letter from the manufacturer and a spare set of cleats. There was also an easy-to-understand instruction/information sheet, cut in the shape of a shoe print, inserted into one of the STABILicers SPORTsT. The instruction/information and the website pretty much contained the same information. After reading both there isn't much more information that I needed to know about these anti-slip traction devices.
      I was surprised at the sturdiness of the construction of the STABILicers SPORTsT. I was expecting them to be thinner and more "stretchy". Initially, I was worried that they were not going to fit over my Lowa hiking boots. This worry was quickly put to rest as the STABILicers SPORTsT easily formed around the boots.

      The sole of the STABILicers SPORTsT has five cleats around the edge of the front and 4 cleats on the heel. The spare bag contained 25 cleats. The cleats basically look like small slotted hex-head bolts that thread into specific "tapped" locations the sole.

      As luck would have it, we had a light snow covering sometime while I was away that melted slightly and froze again. This left the driveway with some packed snow from tire tracks and a few ice covered sidewalks from the melting and refreezing that needed clearing. I took advantage of these conditions for a backyard test. The STABILicers SPORTsT dug right through the packed snow and gripped the .5 inch (13 millimeters) thick ice. I was impressed with the anti-slip traction that was provided. I will be curious to see how traction is affected by cleat wear.

      We were supposed to get freezing rain last night, but it looks like that forecast didn't materialize. So my plan is to seek out as many frozen areas I can and to try the STABILicers SPORTsT fit on all of my usual outdoor footgear from slip-on mocks to uniform boots.So far the STABILicers SPORTsT are looking good as a anti-slip traction device.

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