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Bite Sandals -Initial Report by CB

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  • starnescr <cstarnes@nehp.net>
    Below you will find my initial report. If any editing is needed feel free to do so. As always TIA Coy Boy Bite Sandals Trail Sandal Low Initial Report
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
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      Below you will find my initial report. If any editing is needed feel
      free to do so. As always TIA

      Coy Boy

      Bite Sandals
      Trail Sandal Low
      Initial Report

      Tester: Coy Starnes
      Gender: Male
      Age: 40
      Weight: 230 lbs. (104 kg) backpacking
      Height: 6 ft. (1.82 m)
      e-mail cstarnes@...

      Tester Bio: I live outside a small town in northeast Alabama. My
      backpacking has been limited to areas within a day's drive of
      home. I also have access to a large wooded area behind my house
      called Pall-Mill Hollow. There is a creek flowing through it with
      several small swimming holes and many caves in the side of the
      mountain. I spent my youth and now adult life roaming around this
      and other hollows around my home. Besides backpacking I enjoy
      caving, canoeing, hunting and fishing. I spend as much time
      outdoors as possible and share my love of the outdoors with my wife
      and two kids.

      My backpacking style is slow and steady and my gear is lightweight.
      However, I will sacrifice weight for durability and comfort so my
      pack is not ultra light. My base pack weight (without food and
      water is around 20 lbs. (9 kg). I backpack with my friends, family,
      and solo when I have the time and they don't. I hike in all seasons
      but actually get out the least in the hottest part of summer.

      Product: Bite Sandals (from the Claw Hiking series) - Trail Sandal
      Size: unisex size 11 US, 44 EC, 10 UK (corresponding women's US
      size only goes up to a men's size 9)
      Weight: my size 11 = 1 lb 1oz each or 2 lbs 2 oz/pair (.5 kg each
      and 1 kg/pair)
      Year of Manufacture: 2003
      Web Site: http://www.biteshoes.com
      MSRP: $79.95 US

      Product Description: After removing the shipping box I found a
      typical shoe box with the sandals inside. The sandals were wrapped
      in separate plastic bags with paper stuffed inside the foot area and
      silica gel packs to absorb moisture. There were three small cards
      hanging from one of the sandals with fitting information and a
      company Logo card. In the shoe box was a warranty card to be mailed
      in. The sandals themselves were like many sport sandals becoming so
      popular. They have an added feature someone who wonders off
      pavement will appreciate. The front of the sandals has a high toe
      guard to help protect the toes from rocks and roots. Hopefully it
      will help keep trash from getting under my foot too. Two stretchy
      straps (neoprene I think) come across the forefoot, with a sliding
      buckle arrangement over this to lock them in place. The heel strap
      is made of leather with Velcro (or hook and loop to avoid trademark
      infringement) to hold it in place. The sole is very aggressive
      looking with what resembles claws around the edges. The warranty is
      for 1 year not including normal wear and there is a 45 day comfort
      guarantee. This is a bit confusing. I understand it to mean that
      if you are not satisfied with the fit/comfort of the shoes you can
      return them within 45 days of purchase for a full refund.
      Otherwise, the warranty is just like most other warranties.

      Sizing information is given on the bottom of the shoe box and on the
      web site.

      The web site gives this description. [This looks funny so ignore
      how it lined up untill uploaded to BGT.org]

      • Patent pending Toe Guard for superior foot protection.
      • Amphibious water-resistant leather upper for rough conditions
      • Structured bridge upper design for excellent lateral support
      • Neoprene lining for added comfort and fit
      • Tri-density rubber formula and multidirectional claws for
      all-terrain traction
      • Wide outsole base for extensive surface contact
      • Midfoot/forefoot shanks for extra support
      • Microban antibacterial additive to prevent odors

      Initial Fit: Sizing information is given on the bottom of the shoe
      box and on the web site. It lists the US sizes and the
      corresponding sizes used in other countries. The web site also
      says "Make sure you give the shoes15 to 30 minutes on your first
      wear to give the waterproof lining a chance to expand. Once it
      expands, it will not contract and your shoes will be custom fit to
      your width." This is not included in the in the box literature but
      probably should be. After reading the meager directions (how many
      directions do you need to put on sandals) I tried the sandals on for
      fit. I had low cut athletic socks on beforehand and they seemed to
      fit perfectly. My toes were right against the toe guard but not
      pressing into it. I decided to see what they were like without
      socks. At first I thought there were pieces of grit or something in
      the footbed area. I took them back off and taped them on the floor
      and wiped my feet again, and pit them back on. The same sensation
      was still there. I took them back off and felt inside the footbed
      area. There were tiny dots of the material sticking up in a few
      random places. These are probably just a result of the molding
      process. They should wear off but if not I'll remove them with my
      pocket knife.

      Test Plan: Having never worn sandals while backpacking I am eager
      to give it a try. I will also wear them quite often when I am
      exorcizing by walking in and out of Pall-Mill Hollow. I have my
      doubts about keeping trash from between my foot and the sandals but
      these may work out pretty good.
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