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Poling Technique (was Reports 1 and 2 for Leki Poles)

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  • Mara Factor
    Alan brings up some good points about the lack of information on poling technique... When I bought my first Leki s, they came with poling instructions. Since
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2001
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      Alan brings up some good points about the lack of information on poling
      technique... When I bought my first Leki's, they came with poling
      instructions. Since then, I haven't seen poling technique documented
      anywhere, including on the second pair of poles I bought.

      In case you're wondering, they suggested that a diagonal stride with the
      pole tips hitting the ground approximately even with the opposing heel makes
      for the most efficient use of the poles. In simpler terms, the right pole
      tip should hit the ground about even with the left heel and left pole tip
      even with the right heel.

      If you are familiar with cross country skiing, the technique is similar
      except there's no glide.

      In reality, if can be very difficult to get used to that stride. I had a
      hard time initially, tried a bunch of other things, and then came back to
      the diagonal stride. I, too, found it most efficient to use. I vary the
      use of the poles depending on the terrain of course, but on fairly even
      ground, I use the diagonal stride but I tend to hit the ground with the pole
      just before I hit the ground with my heel. I find this allows me to take
      more weight on my arms and less on my knees.

      Many hikers never get used to that technique. I suspect that's why they
      don't bother to document it anymore.

      I also found that is takes some strength to use the poles effectively and
      that I only developed that strength while using the poles. My arms and
      shoulders are much stronger now than before I started using poles.

      The best way to get used to the poles is practice so I'm sure you won't be
      offended if I tell you to...

      ... GO TAKE A HIKE. ;-)

      Wishing my manager would tell me the same... (but I think he knows better
      by now.)


      P.S. If I can dig up the original instructions when I get home, and the
      instructions aren't too long to type in, I'll post them here. -MF

      >From: "Adventure Alan" <aedixon@...>
      >Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 00:30:03 -0000

      >Poles are ridiculously easy to setup. The manual does give a brief
      >description on how to get the correct pole height but doesn't mention
      >anything about general poling technique. (See more about manual
      >7. Manual is in English, German, and French. It is terse. Leki could
      >have put a lot more useful information in it without much more
      >effort. I guess they assume that whoever buys Ti trekking poles
      >already knows how to use them.
      >10. There is a brief section on getting the correct pole height for
      >level, uphill, down hill, and traverse travel. There is no mention of
      >general poling technique.
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