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RE: [BackpackGearTest] Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Pole ( Application to test )

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  • Greg Prothman, Sr
    Dave, I am on a different computer, mined has been hosed and needs a new operating system which I have, but the XP Windows had a corrupt disk and am now
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      Dave, I am on a different computer, mined has been "hosed" and needs a new
      operating system which I have, but the XP Windows had a corrupt disk
      and am now waiting patiently for friendly "Mr. Gates" to send me another.
      My email is the same as shown on the application, I can read mail on my
      server, but it is not convenient to send mail yet, but any day now I should
      get "unhosed".


      Dec. 2nd, 2002
      Tester: Marge Prothman
      Age - 75
      Height - 5'8" (1.52m )
      Weight - 152lb (69k)
      Location - Hailey/Sun Valley, Idaho
      Email - margeATprothmanDOTcom

      Please accept my application to test the Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking
      poles for 2003. I have read the current version, v1102 as of December 1st
      ,of the BGT Survival guide and will follow all the requirements.

      Backpacking Background - I live in the Sun Valley area in Idaho and hike in
      the Sawtooth Forest and Wilderness areas during the summer months. In the
      winter I ski, both downhill and cross-country (skate-ski) and do many
      snowshoe hikes.
      I have hiked extensively in: Washington State, Colorado,Utah, California,
      Arizona and British Columbia. My passion is to finish the Pacific Crest
      Trail in my lifetime.

      In the summer of 2001, Jerry, our esteemed Moderator told me about the
      Black Diamond Flicklock Poles, He thought they might be easier for me to
      use. I had tried the hiking poles with the screw type adjustments, however
      my hands were not strong enough to get them set tightly. I was always
      having the poles collapse under me. As a last resort I went back to my
      Yellow Snow Pokers (old ski poles from the Northwest).
      I purchased a pair of the Black Diamond Flicklock Poles, model Ascent
      Trekking Pole. They have served me very well , and I did an owners review on

      I plan to test the Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking poles on day and
      overnight hikes, and snowshoe hikes, here in the Wood River Valley and
      Sawtooth Recreation area. I would like to see if the lightweight pole will
      stand up to the punishment that I have given the heavier Ascent Trekking
      Pole. The hikes will be from 5800 to 9000 ft. (1768 to 2743 m ) in
      elevation and the terrain will be varied from frozen dirt trails to snow
      covered trails.

      At this time, our area is lacking in snow, we had early snow in October and
      have not had any more. The temperatures have been cold, anywhere from 10 -
      20 F. ( -12 to -6 C ) at night and up to the 30-40 F (-1 to 4 C) during the
      The ski area has been making snow for a good month now, so the mountain is
      very ready for skiing. Our hiking trails are dirt once again and if my
      leaves were not frozen to the ground, I could pretend it is spring and rake
      them up.

      I will use the poles for snowshoe hikes and if a snow basket is not
      available, with them, I can adapt a basket from my old collection of baskets
      kept for (just in case). Hiking, well I have been rough on my trekking
      poles, especially crossing streams and difficult terrain, I absolutely trust
      them to hold me when needed. I also use them as a pair for poles to hold up
      my tarp, or as a single pole for my tent.

      My style of backpacking is Lightweight and I do not like my pack to weigh
      over 25lbs including food and water for a five day hike. I feel the location
      of where I am hiking depends on whether I take my tarp, or tent, or hammock.
      I feel there is room for all three of these shelters in my hikes. I would
      like to test these new lightweight trekking poles and see how they fit into
      my style of
      lightweight hiking as well as saving me some weight in my hands.,
      Completed reports:
      Frogg Toggs - Raingear
      ULA P1 - Pack
      MSR Zoid - Tent
      Superfeet Quick Fit Everyday - Footbed

      Reports in progress, both need Final Field Test:
      Granite Gear Vapor Trail 3600 Backpack
      Hennessy Ultralite A-Sym Hammock

      Owner Reviews:
      Smartwool X Train Mini Crew Sock
      Therm-A-Rest Model ZREST - Sleeping pad
      Six Moon Designs - Europa - Tent
      Esbit Stove and Tablets
      Mt. Washington - Sleeping Pad
      Black Diamond Flicklock - Hiking Poles

      Olay Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths

      Monitor: Integral Design Sil Shelter

      and assigned for Crazy Crib LE with Tarp when received.

      thanks for reviewing my application to test.


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      From: David Anderson [mailto:danderson@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 25, 2002 1:21 PM
      To: BGT
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Pole

      We have 4 sets of the Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Poles
      to test. The page for the 2002 model is at
      http://www.bdel.com/backcountry/poles_contour.html but we will be
      testing the 2003 model described below.

      Spring 2003 Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Pole

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