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Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Poles Application

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  • leesa04048
    Tester Application December 2,2002 Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Poles Leesa Joiner LjoATmidmaine.com Southwestern Maine
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      Tester Application December 2,2002
      Black Diamond Flicklock Contour Trekking Poles

      Leesa Joiner
      Southwestern Maine
      41 years old
      150 pounds
      5' 7"

      I have hiked since I was about 6 years old both with my father
      and in Girl Scouts. As part of a new backpacking group at work, I
      will be doing overnight trips throughout the winter and into
      spring. As a family we tent camp, backpack and canoe. We vary
      from `heavy weight' to light weight- I'll never make it to ultra-light
      weight. I also cross country ski with friends. Most of my
      `adventures' are in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
      Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Part of my
      enjoyment from hiking comes from my interest in wild plants and
      cooking while outdoors.

      Test Plan
      During the winter I will be doing at least 4 overnight backpacking
      trips. These will occur in Northern Maine and Vermont. On
      average, night temperatures will range from 0-35 degrees F.
      During the early spring, temperatures range from daytime highs
      of 60, to nighttime temperatures below 45 degrees. Elevations
      will most likely remain below 3500ft. Most of the terrain is rocky,
      with some steep climbs. For the most part, I stick to easy to
      moderate level trails.

      My use of these poles would be from the standpoint of a new
      user. Other than checking them out in stores, or using a long
      stick while hiking, I have never hiked with poles. I am interested
      in finding out if they would help with balance in areas that are
      rough, and whether they would help to alleviate the pain that
      develops in my knees on hikes that involve much climbing. I am
      also curious as to whether the benefits of using them would
      outweigh having to keep track of them. Other considerations
      would be durability and ease of use.

      Current Tests-
      Red Ledge Rain Gear

      Bible Winter Bivy

      Hennessy Asym Hammock

      Granite Gear Pack-Virga

      Cache Lake Foods

      Links to Owner Reviews-

      Field Guide-Edible Wild Plants
      Guides/Plant Guide- Edible Wild Plants/

      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Food Preparation
      Gear/Dehydrators/Excaliber 2900 Dehydrator/Owner Revied/

      I have read the `Survival Guide' (12/02/02) and agree to the
      requirements and will submit reports in a timely manner. (v.
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