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APPLICATION: beta test pack towel

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  • starnescr
    APPLICATION TO TEST: Pack Towel (beta test) APPLICANT: COY STARNES GENDER: MALE AGE: 40 WEIGHT 230 LBS. (104 kg.) HEIGHT 6 FT. (1.83 m.) E-MAIL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
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      APPLICATION TO TEST: Pack Towel (beta test)
      AGE: 40
      WEIGHT 230 LBS. (104 kg.)
      HEIGHT 6 FT. (1.83 m.)
      E-MAIL: cstarnes@...

      Brief Bio: I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hiking, backpacking,
      hunting, canoeing, caving, and spending as much time outdoors as
      possible. I live in northeast Alabama where I do most of my
      backpacking and hiking. My backpacking style could be summed up
      as "middle-of-the-road". I am still converting to the lightweight
      style, though I doubt I will ever be considered ultra light. Right
      now my pack weight is hovering around the twenty-pound mark, not
      counting water. I also do not get into a high mileage contest with
      myself or anyone else, but rather set a medium pace and stop when,
      and for as long as, I want. I hike solo and with friends and
      family. I go hiking throughout the year but sometimes wimp out of
      actually backpacking in mid summer when the heat and humidity make
      the trail miserable.

      Application: I would like to be considered as a beta tester for the
      pack towel. I normally take a small kitchen size towel to wipe
      sweat and any other towel chores. I have noticed on humid nights my
      towel is slow to dry if at all, and would be interested to see if
      the pack towel is an improvement in this reguard. With winter fast
      approaching I would more likely be using the pack towel to dry after
      a sponge type bath and to handle hot pots from my stove ect... Wil
      not be wiping much sweat untill spring comes around again.

      I have read the latest version of the Survival Guide and agree to
      abide by all rules. However, I realize in this test the reporting
      will be done to the manufacturer.

      Links to 2 test series which are complete

      Crazy Crib LEX

      Princeton Tec Switchback

      Following is a lits of test reviews:
      Pristine Water Purification
      Jag Bag sleeping bag liner
      CMG Bonfire Tent Lantern
      Victortnox Huntsman knife
      Birdiepal Junior Umbrella
      Granite Gear Nimbus Ozone Pack

      I have also submitted four owner reviews:
      Two for my Hennessy Original Hammock
      Petzl Tikka Head Lamp
      Raovac Sportsman 3 in 1 Head Lamp

      I was also the monitor for the first Leki Poles reviewed and the
      Safari Deluxe test. I am currently the monitor for the ULA -P2
      backpack. I participated in the MSR stove beta test.

      Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this test.

      Coy Boy
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