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Re: [backpackgeartest] Seychelle Filter Test, Take 2

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  • Michael Tocci
    Attention Jerry...I have just subscribed to this list...I have some experience testing outdoor gear and reporting to manufacturer...I would be happy to test
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 18, 2000
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      Attention Jerry...I have just subscribed to this list...I have some experience testing outdoor gear and reporting to manufacturer...I would be happy to test most products..I backpack, day hike, mountain climb, xc ski, snowshoe, kayak and canoe camp as well as car camp...usually in the adirondack mountains of upstate n.y....If I can be of service please let me know...cmtocci@... Mike Tocci RN
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      From: Jerry Goller <geartester@...>
      To: backpackgeartest@egroups.com <backpackgeartest@egroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 10:01 PM
      Subject: Re: [backpackgeartest] Seychelle Filter Test, Take 2

      Sorry for the length of this post. Maybe this can clear up some things.

      >From: "Bill Jeffrey" <aa6j@...>
      While sharing our reports in this public forum is
      >enlightening, I was hesitant as it could be embarassing to the
      >manufacturer. Still, I have been, and will continue to be, candid in
      >my comments (probably my training as an auditor!).

      Actually, the problem isn't bad reports...it's no reports, good bad or
      indifferent. Unless I missed some posts, there were only 3 reports of field
      or home use of the filter and 3 additional reports of just first

      >Wally Emory very generously sent me a new filter a couple weeks ago
      >to replace the one I broke the nipple on. I give him and his company
      >an A+ for customer service.

      I'm glad to hear they replaced it. This was a test of the company as much as
      their products as we really buy both. Since there was no post on it I just
      assumed they didn't replace it.

      >>There are a couple of changes in the replacement versus the first
      >filter I received.
      >The original instructions claimed 2-phase filtration, "Silverator"
      >pre-filter and an ionic adsorption micro filter. The instructions for
      >the replacement, now printed on two sides, adds a third phase, a
      >hydrophobic inter-filter which is an "Additional custom designed
      >insert to remove suspended contaminants." Whether this is a change
      >only in printed material or a change in the filter design I don't
      >know. However, where the first filter had a plastic button holding
      >the filter media together (whose edges could be lifted), the
      >replacement is sealed at the end by some kind of epoxy or something.
      >It looks more assuring to see that end closed off.

      I had heard there was going to be a 3rd stage but didn't know how it was
      going to work. Thanks.

      >There are now instructions on the use of the white rubber primer
      >bulb, along with an illustration of it's use. The "Prior to initial
      >use" instructions now say to use this white bulb with your water
      >fauceet to SLOWLY flush the filter 1 minute before using, and to
      >store for future back flush use. A nice addition considering
      >everyone's comments.

      All of this is very good to know. This is the kind of feed back we on the
      list need. It's nice to know that someone listened and made some changes. I
      just assumed nothing had changed on the filter, no information to the

      >However, the installation instructions are printed before these
      >flushing instructions and still don't say how to install the filter
      >media in the filter (although, yes, it should be obvious). This is,
      >as before, covered later under "filter replacement," and is missed
      >when reading the instructions from top to bottom.
      >I still would like to see a a big arrow molded into the filter body
      >to show water flow. For those of us with bad eyes this would be
      >easier to see than the small "in"and "out".

      I mentioned that to them too. I assume something like that would have to
      wait for them to replace the injection mold to be cost effective.

      >Use of the filter is unchanged - easy to prime and easy to draw water
      >by byte tube or by gravity.

      Glad to see you got a chance to actually use it.

      It still fails the dye test used by some
      >filters and proven an invalid test in this group. However, I'd still
      >like some way to test the integrity of the o-ring.

      To be quite honest, I don't know why this doesn't bother me but it doesn't.
      None of the other filters I own, including the SWA have any provisions for
      such a test. I guess I just know it is under almost no pressure and is
      really unlikely to leak. At least no more than any other filter. It is
      unfortunate that it's made out of plastic, there for delicate, but I can't
      think of any other way they could make it better. I think the fact you can
      replace the filter is part of the problem. The savings for us is minimal and
      probably not worth the trouble of disassembly and reassembly. They might
      want to conceder just sending the filter pre-assembled and not offer a
      replacement filter.

      >Assembly of the filter media in the filter was a bit easier because
      >of the silicone lube on the o-ring. You still need to be careful not
      >to cross thread it.
      >Comments I received from Wally:
      > " I have screwed together many inline filters, I think handling it
      >by the media, when dry, damp, or wet care must be taken not to
      >collapse it of over tighten it. Also it is ok to touch the silver
      >filter as it is bacteriostatic and is what prevents growth on the
      >filter. A pre-filter is your choice, a gravity feed system is pretty
      >gentile and backflushing really helps prolong the life of your
      >What's next for me? This weekend I'll be canoeing and plan to filter
      >the lake water. I'll look at how the filter affects taste, and how it
      >removes all the "floaties" in the water. I'll post the results next
      >week if the group is still alive.

      I'm looking forward to hear how it goes. I've had no problems with the one I
      got but I backflush it after every trip so I didn't really expect any.
      >Thanks, Wally, for your patience and faith in us, and thanks to Jerry
      >for his work in setting up this group. I've learned a lot, not just
      >about equipment, but about how different users see things.
      >Bill "AsABat" Jeffrey

      Thanks for the report. It seems they are addressing the problems we found
      with the first units. I was just as interested in seeing if and how they
      would respond as I was to test the gear.

      All of the testers that received filters should send in reports on how it is
      going with them even if it is just playing with it around the house. The
      only thing I can offer manufacturers for their gear is the promise of posts
      on the list of good and bad things about their new products and exposure of
      those products to a very select group of experienced backpackers. We can't
      know what is going on with each of the products if we see no posts. By the
      way, by "we" I of course mean the people on this list.
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