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Owner Review: Feathered Friends Hummingbird 10F Sleepingbag

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  • WoodlandSprite
    Owner Review: Feathered Friends Hummingbird 10F Semi-Custom Sleepingbag Personal Biographical Info: Name: Stephanie Martin Age: 28 Gender: Female Height:
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2002
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      Owner Review: Feathered Friends Hummingbird 10F Semi-Custom

      Personal Biographical Info:
      Name: Stephanie Martin
      Age: 28
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'5"
      Weight: 145 lbs.
      Email Address: syoong "at" alum "dot" mit "dot" edu
      Location: Phoenix, AZ USA
      Date: September 30, 2002

      Background: Actively enjoying the outdoors regularly since 1996
      starting in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoyed day hiking excursions in
      the Columbia River Gorge area, followed by some backpacking along the
      Pacific Crest Trail. Moved to the desert southwest in 1997 and have
      been actively day hiking most weekends (anywhere from low desert to
      mountain territory (7000+ ft)). Generally take a couple week long
      trips to the Grand Canyon annually. Backpacking philosophy has been
      rapidly moving towards ultra-light gear. Have also been participating
      in canyoneering since 1997. See http://www.ToddsHikingGuide.com for
      trip reports.

      Other sleepingbags used: Sierra Designs Annie Oakley (I
      think), Feathered Friends Ptarmigan

      Product Information:
      Manufacturer: Feathered Friends
      Year of Manufacture: 2000
      Listed Weight: 24 ounces
      Weight as Delivered: 24.8 ounces (stuffed in bag)
      Down: 800+ Fill power with 2 ounces overstuffing
      Fabric: 1.1 ounce ripstop nylon
      Length: Regular
      Temperature Rating: 10 Degrees

      Field and Test Information:
      Location(s) of test: Various locations including Grand Canyon,
      Arizona and Yosemite National Park, California
      Terrain: Canyon Country - elevations as high as 7000+
      feet in the Grand Canyon; Mountainous in Yosemite National Park (near
      Tuolome Meadows area)
      Weather Conditions: General use is during extended backpacking
      trips taken in all seasons.
      Style of Product: Lightweight semi-custom down sleepingbag.

      Description of Experience and Comments on Product Performance:

      In my continued quest to lighten my backpacking load, I went
      searching for a lightweight 3-season sleeping bag - and this is what
      I found.

      What a bag! I recall being absolutely astounded when it arrived -
      stuffed in it's stuff sack, it measures a minute 15 x 6.25 inches
      (LxD)! I list the bag as semi-custom because I ordered it with 800+
      fillpower down (vs standard 750+ fill), 2 ounces of overstuffing and
      1.1 ounce ripstop nylon shell and liner (vs 1.6 ounce nylon
      taffeta). The sleeping bag itself is a close fitting mummy bag with
      a 1/2 length zipper backed up with a draft tube with stiffener (to
      prevent liner from getting sucked into the zipper during operation)
      and no draft collar at the neck. The fill can be moved from top to
      bottom of the bag, though I opt to keep it equal since I tend to roll
      around while sleeping.

      Initially, I was a bit leery of the down - after having heard all
      kinds of stories about getting down wet and losing all loft power -
      but it has performed wonderfully for me. Recently I did get it a bit
      damp (during an overnight canyoneering trip which resulted in my pack
      getting waterlogged) but it suffered no loss in performance and dried
      very quickly (could have been due to the arid climate in the desert

      Unfortunately, I cannot truly testify to its ability to withstand
      temperatures down to 10F as can't confirm that I've tested it in such
      conditions. I have found that temperature ratings do vary depending
      on sleeping-pad, tent vs tarp, and any additional clothing (or lack
      thereof) present during slumber. Depending on pack used, I find
      myself sleeping on either a 3/4 length ultra-light Therm-A-Rest or a
      3/4 length Z-Rest pad. For shelter, we use a GoLite Cave and Nest
      system. I don't think I'd be freezing if I used this bag at 10F, but
      I don't think I'd be completely snug and comfortable either. I do
      tend to sleep very cold and the fact that I've lived in the desert
      for 5 years now doesn't help matters (lets just say my hearty
      Minnesota roots have packed up and left and now I'm easily affected
      by colder temperatures).

      In terms of fit and comfort of the bag, it is a mite snug - even more
      so than a standard mummy bag. The 1.1 ounce nylon is surprisingly
      soft and silky next to the skin - I have not found myself sticking to
      my sleeping bag during any occasion. The 1/2 length zipper does take
      some getting used to - it stops around knee-height on me - so
      temperature control via extension of lower limbs is a bit more
      difficult than in a bag with a standard length zipper.

      If I could change anything about this bag, I would change the zipper
      and perhaps beef up the draft collar that backs it up. The zipper is
      very thin-toothed and seems rather non-robust compared to other
      sleeping bags that I've used. Unfortunately, the stiffened draft
      collar does not prevent the zipper from catching in the lining.

      Overall, however, I have been very pleased with my Hummingbird and
      would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice light,
      compact sleeping bag.
    • John Burnet
      Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the well-written owner s review. The only correction that I would suggest is that there should be an apostrophe before the s in the
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 6, 2002
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        Hi Stephanie,

        Thanks for the well-written owner's review.

        The only correction that I would suggest is that there
        should be an apostrophe before the 's' in the
        following: '(let<'>s just say my hearty
        Minnesota roots have packed up and left...'

        When you are satisfied with your review you may upload
        it to:


        When you upload your report the description should
        include the manufacturer, product name, product type
        and your name (assuming it will all fit) so your
        report should have a description something like:

        Feathered Friends Hummingbird 10F Sleeping bag -
        Stephanie Martin

        Happy Trails

        John Burnet
        BGT List monitor

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        "Toys, water, and food. Without water and food, you'll die. If you don't bring toys, all you'll have to play with is rocks and sticks."

        -- A. M. Frick

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