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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Black Diamond MegaLight

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  • hikemstr@AOL.com
    APPLICATION TO TEST: Black Diamond MegaLight APPLICANT: Dr. Eugene Roddy GENDER: Male AGE: 53 WEIGHT: 160 LBS. HEIGHT: 5 6 E-MAIL: hikemstr@AOL.com
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      APPLICATION TO TEST: Black Diamond MegaLight
      APPLICANT: Dr. Eugene Roddy
      GENDER: Male
      AGE: 53
      WEIGHT: 160 LBS.
      HEIGHT: 5' 6"
      E-MAIL: hikemstr@...
      LOCATION: New England

      Brief Bio: I am an avid backpacker with over twenty years of experience. My
      treks have included most sections of the AT in the East and adventure trips
      through Yosemite, Northern California and Washington State including
      summiting Mt. Rainier. I am making a steady transition to cutting pack
      weight and am keeping a log of successful strategies toward that end.

      Application: I would like to express my interest in testing the Black
      Diamond MegaLight shelter. I am working with a number of different
      lightweight strategies (hammocks, tarps, solo tents and food/stove options)
      seeking to compare and contrast suitable lighter and manageable pack weights
      for treks in northern New England. The scope of my outings for this test
      includes section hikes on the AT and trips in all types of weather. My goal
      of the test, in addition to defining MegaLight's uniqueness in the
      marketplace, is to contrast the ideal with real world application. Of
      particular interest is to compare and contrast this new model with the
      Megamid and the Betamid, which I currently use. The MegaLight seems to lend
      itself better to lighter shelter options and to winter applications. In
      northern New England there will be many opportunities to test this feature.

      Links to Test Series completed:

      Last Chance Sportswear


      Crazy Creek LEX Hammock



      Equinox UltraLight Bivy



      Big Agnes Cross Mountain Bag


      Bibler Eldorado Tent


      I am familiar with all expectations of testers have read the SURVIVAL GUIDE
      and will continue to comply with all requirements.


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