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      Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2001 2:28 PM
      Subject: Re: [BackpackGearTest] Big Agnes sleepingbag-Report # 2

      Great report! I feel exactly the same way about mine. I love the shape of the draft tube..like ear muffs for when I sleep on my side.
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      Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2001 1:22 PM
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Big Agnes sleepingbag-Report # 2

      Big Agnes-Lost Ranger Sleeping Bag & REM Foam Core Sleep Pad - Report # 2

      I did my first 'in-house' test of this bag (i.e. I slept on the floor inside
      my house).  On first try, all I can say is "oh my gosh...this IS the bag
      I've been looking for".  Let me tell you what type of sleeper I am.  First,
      I flip and flop from side to side all night long, which means that I usually
      roll off any sleeping bag pad and end up on hard, cold ground.  Second,
      because I sleep on my side and tend to curl up, my last 3 mummy sleeping
      bags have restricted this natural sleeping position for me.  I'm 5'7" tall,
      medium-build, but the girth on most mummy bags has meant that I had to
      position my arms either to my sides or crossed over my chest...this is not
      conducive to my natural sleeping position.  Third, I sleep cold.

      So onto my first impressions from this 'in-house' test... 
      (1)      Because the sleeping pad is inserted into a sleeve on the bottom of
      the bag, I did NOT slide off of the pad through-out the night.  The REM Pad
      (20x72X1) offered enough cushion for a comfortable sleep.
      (2)      Because the shoulder girth (70") and the hip girth (66') are
      significantly wider than my other down bags, I could easily move around
      (i.e. 'flip/flop through the night') inside the bag and position my arms
      comfortably even when the bag was fully zipped.  I only woke up once during
      the night ... my usual time to go pee. 
      (3)      Although I turned the temp down to 500 inside my house, I won't be
      able to give a real temperature test till I sleep out tonight.
      Other things I liked: 
      (4)      Because the down is on the top 2/3 of the bag, the insulation is
      where I need it, while the pad is on the bottom to keep my backside warm.
      (5)      The draft tube is wider than other bags I have used.  I'll let you
      know if it keeps out the 'tell-tell' air leaks that sometimes escape past
      narrower draft tubes.
      (6)      The hood fits comfortably around my head with a standard drawstring
      and Velcro tab to secure it in cold temps.  Also the draft collar was
      comfortable without being restricting (that means I did NOT feel like I was
      being strangled).
      (7)      There is a built-in pillowcase that is sewn to the inside of the
      hood.  I stuffed some clothes in it and it worked great.  Usually I use a
      stuff sac filled with clothes as my pillow, but it tends to slide around.
      Having a sewn in pillow prevented this.
      (8)      This bag has a duel zipper, i.e. one at the top and bottom, so if I
      get hot I can unzip the bottom & give my feet some air.  The zipper easily
      zipped up & down.
      (9)      The bag was moderately easy to stuff into the 6 ½ X 15" stuff sac.
      This is about the same stuffed size as my other down bags.  It would be
      interesting to try the "girdle" (a compression strap) sold by this company.
      When taken out of the sac, this bag quickly lofted up with a couple of
      Things I would change:
      (1)      This is only minor....The top zipper has a tab that flips to the
      inside or outside of the bag.  So, if you want to zip the bag up or down
      from the inside, you need to be sure the tab is on the inside.  I prefer a
      double tabbed zipper, i.e. a zipper with a tab on the inside and one on the
      (2)      Although the REM foam core sleep pad was comfortable and comparable
      to a Thermarest, it was heavier (33oz) than I like to carry.  The company
      has advertised a new pad (i.e. 'REM Air Core Pad') that weighs 24oz but it
      was not available for testing at this time.  I would be interested in
      comparing it for comfort.  Besides a thermarest, I have 2 other pads (a
      Z-rest & a Mt. Washington pad) that I will be trying with this bag.
      Tonight, I'm backpacking into a state park for a real test.  I'll let you
      know the results in my next report.
                              - Amanda

      Amanda Greene

      Imagination is more important than Knowledge.    - Albert Einstein

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