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Re: Pristine Water Treatment Report #2

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  • cstarnes@nehp.net
    ... It was not immediately ... both off ... instructions do not ... My kit has identical caps on both bottles but on part A there is an extra cap with no
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2001
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      --- In BackpackGearTest@y..., atnavi@a... wrote:

      It was not immediately
      > clear to me which of the two tops was the "mixing cap." I took them
      both off
      > to be sure. The cap on Part A is the mixing cap but the
      instructions do not
      > indicate that you should use the Part A cap to mix the product.

      My kit has identical caps on both bottles but on part A there is an
      extra cap with no threads that just slips off. This is the mixing

      > When recapping Part A and Part B, I discovered the caps were
      > on the threads. This may not be a good thing, as they are shaped

      I think your mixing cap is stuck to the screw on cap of part A. I
      noticed mine tended to stick together when I naturally unscrewed the
      mixing cap instead of first pulling it straight up and off before
      unscrewing the regular threaded top.

      > which could lead to leaking if the wrong cap is on the wrong

      Again my screw on (threaded) tops were identical.

      > could feel the chemical on my tongue, burning. Perhaps those drops
      > solution were too big? I drank some more water, noting a slight
      > foretaste and a slight swampy aftertaste. Again, it burned my
      > After Nalgene #2 sat for 15 minutes, I opened it up. Although I
      made that
      > solution with smaller drops, it had a very strong chemical smell,
      > lemony. The mossy smell was entirely gone. No hint of the mossy
      taste when
      > drinking the water, and the burning sensation was less on the
      tongue -- until
      > AFTER I swallowed the water. Not only did my tongue burn, but my
      > burned. It continues to burn, more than 20 minutes after the last
      drink of
      > water.

      Ther must be something in the raw water you were testing that
      formed some kind of amonia or other disagreeable compound, Or you
      could be sensative to clorine dioxide the way some people are
      sensative to clorine.

      But I'll have a backup plan -- because I find the
      > burning sensation rather uncomfortable and disconcerting. Because
      of this
      > problem, I won't be drinking the rest of the water I purified at
      home. I gave
      > both samples one more try after 30 minutes, and still had the
      > sensation in the aftertaste.

      Good idea. You may be better off filtering your drinking water if
      the river water gives the same burning sensation as the pond water
      and old bottled water did.

      Coy Boy
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