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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Re: Successful Test Application Strategy.

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  • Clifford R. Haynes
    I consider myself a successful applicant. My Strategy is simple. 1. I don t write well, can t spell, and type with one finger. 2. I don t fit the
    Message 1 of 62 , Jul 17, 2002
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      I consider myself a successful applicant. My Strategy is simple.
      1. I don't write well, can't spell, and type with one finger.
      2. I don't fit the manufacturers hiker profile. Most manufacturers aren't
      interested in selling gear to fat people.
      3. I'm not a real likeable kinda guy. On more than one occasion I have
      tried to make a constructive comment, and had the comment seen as criticism,
      and dismissed as such.

      OK I should have made my point, I'm certainly not the most chosen applicant.
      But since my interest is to participate in the list, it's up to me to find a
      way. When I feel that I'm no longer participating, I just write an owner
      review. I don't have to compete with the better report / application
      writers, I just have to write the best report I am capable of and get it
      good enough to be accepted. I didn't lower the bar so much on the quality of
      the report, I just avoided the competition, for the opportunity to write the
      The other key to my success as a test applicant, is that I have applied for
      less popular test items ( provided I felt that I could give it a good test).
      My chances are a lot better to be chosen if there are only a couple of
      applicants for each piece of gear. Maybe I don't measure up when there are 6
      or 8 applicants for each piece of gear, but by going for the less popular I
      get to participate.
      I have been fortunate to get some really good stuff, that lots of folks
      missed out on. For example if I hadn't applied for the SuperFeet Quick Fit
      test, I'd be sitting home tomorrow nursing a leg injury instead of hiking.
      Sure, I wont summit and I'll be on crutches, but the QuickFits have reduced
      the pain to the point that I can go. The Doctor has taken pictures and given
      his usual it's going to hurt till it stops but you can't hurt it by using
      Another piece of gear has been great fun to test, I never would have
      considered it for backpacking, but I use it quite often. This particular
      piece of gear opened an opportunity for me to Beta Test a piece of gear,
      that as far as I am concerned is the best piece of backpacking gear I have
      come across since my Hennessy Hammock (which I purchased so I could
      participate in testing as an owner). Had this piece of Beta gear been in
      production and been tested on the list, it would have been popular enough
      that I would not have had a chance to test it. Frankly even though the
      reviews would have been good, I don't know that I would have bought one to
      try. It didn't fit my backpacking style. Well it's changed my style, and
      made my pack lighter. Now I'm hoping it goes into production soon so I can
      buy one for every one in my family.

      The bottom line is, a successful applicant, isn't necessarily the one that
      collects the most tents and backpacks. The true measure of success as an
      applicant / tester, is the value placed on your report by the reader ( the
      end user). If you have honestly tried to do your best on a report, weather
      be an owner review or a test item, and you someday receive a note of
      appreciation from a nonlist reader, that note of appreciation will say more,
      to you, for your success, than being chosen as one of the 4 people to
      receive a backpack sixty people applied for.

      Ok now disregard everything I said, LOL only apply for popular big ticket
      items, I have to write too many owner reviews, I'll be writting owner
      reviews on my packbasket, and cast iron fry pan. : )
    • Shane Steinkamp
      If you volunteered to become a mentor, you should have received an invitation to join the BGTMentors group. If you haven t, please let me know OFF LIST. If
      Message 62 of 62 , Feb 19 10:37 AM
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        If you volunteered to become a mentor, you should have received an
        invitation to join the BGTMentors group. If you haven't, please let me know
        OFF LIST.

        If you would like to become a mentor, please let me know OFF LIST. I know
        there are a few more out there that can help...and you know who you are too.

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