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Bibler Winter Bivy Application.

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  • Bob
    Bibler Winter Bivy Application: Bob Farrell 37 male 6 2 170 pounds, farmerbob48@hotmail.com Berwick, Maine 4/18/02 I am an avid hiker and I hike up in the
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      Bibler Winter Bivy Application:

      Bob Farrell
      170 pounds,
      Berwick, Maine

      I am an avid hiker and I hike up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire
      whenever I can. I am currently working on becoming a member of the AMC's
      Four Thousand Footers Club of the White Mountains. To become a member, I
      must climb 48 mountains in the White Mountains that are over 4000'. I have
      climbed 20 of them so far. I also have a website for hikers that are working
      towards membership into the Four Thousand Footers Club. The websites name is
      "4000'ers Journals
      of the White Mountains" at http://www.4kjournals.20m.com I also started
      winter hiking in the White Mountains last year and I love it.

      I have hiked for over 11 years and I've backpacked a few times. I
      have hiked sections of the A.T. in New York, New Jersey, and New
      Hampshire. I hope someday to be able to hike the entire A.T. I also hike
      with my wife and 4 year old son. My wife Jenifer carries our 9 month old
      daughter on her back with a Kelty Kid Carrier. It's fun getting out with the
      whole family.

      I plan on testing the Bibler Winter Bivy on a few planned overnights in the
      White Mountains and on a solo trip on a local mountain. I may also be able
      to spend 4 days at Baxter State Park in Maine this September, where I can
      further test the Bibler. I am very interested in the fact that the winter
      bivy is only 9 ounces and packs down so small. I am also interested in
      winter camping so the Bibler Winter Bivy could make my 3 season tent into a
      4 season tent. I made a plastic tarp tent last year and I would like to
      test it with the Bibler Winter Bivy on my solo hike.

      Weather in the White Mountains is unpredictable. It can snow any time of
      the year and it rains a lot. Temperatures in the summer can dip down to the
      20's and 30's. Many of the mountains rise over 4000 feet with moderate to
      steep trails. Several trails are very steep with a lot of rock climbing and
      boulder hoping. There are many streams and creeks with several lakes.

      I have read and will fully comply with the Survival Guides Report
      Requirements for the Yahoo Backpack Gear Test group.

      I am currently testing the Leki Super Makalu Air Ergo PA AS trekking poles
      for BGT. You can view my Initial and Field Test Reports at:

      Here is the link to the Leki Ultralite trekking poles I tested for BGT last

      Here is an Owners Review of the Vasque Artic Boots:

      Owner Reviews: Vasque Clarion GT boots
      MSR Whisperlite Internationale stove
      The North Face Thunderhead 3D sleeping bag
      Princeton Tec Quest headlamp
      Outdoor Research Neve Windstopper Hat
      PUR Voyageur Water Purifier
      Tubbs Discovery 27 snowshoes
      Vasque Artic Boots

      Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GearPics/files/Bob%20Farrell/ if you
      would like to see pictures of gear I've tested for BGT and Owners Reviews.

      Happy hiking, Bob Farrell (Farmer Bob)

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