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Bibler Bivy Application

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  • Michael Wheiler
    Lets see, rain , according to Webster s that would be water falling in drops condensed from vapor in the atmosphere. Oh, yes, I think I remember what that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2002
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      Lets see, "rain", according to Webster's that would be "water falling in drops condensed from vapor in the atmosphere." Oh, yes, I think I remember what that is now! If the guarantee of rain in my neck of the woods is required for this test series, I better abstain. Just in case Bibler doesn't require a guarantee of rain, I'm submitting my application to test the bivy. Never used one before but I'm always game for a new way to stay in the out-of-doors. I am a convert to tent-hammocks as a result of this list! Any chance of getting a few "I" Tents for testing or should I just keep dreaming?

      June 2, 2002

      Personal Data:

      Michael Wheiler
      Idaho Falls, Idaho
      46 years old
      175 pounds
      email: jmwlaw@...

      Additional Personal Biographical Information:

      About 35 years of outdoor experience. I've been car camping/hiking/backpacking since early teens; mostly weekend trips but some week long trips at least once per year. Currently a scoutmaster over 12-14 year old Boy Scouts. We camp/hike every month regardless of the weather. I also spend time camping with my family--more in the summer and almost never in the winter. Most of my camping occurs in the southeastern Idaho area but spills over into western Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park) and western Montana. I have never used a bivy. As such, you would be getting a novice's view point. Also, we are in the middle of a pretty significant drought in most of the west, i.e., I can't promise even any light rain. However, according to the web site the bivy offers "protection from short showers, light rain or snow, but is not sufficiently stormproof for long term hard rain. This makes it great as a sleeping bag cover for winter mountaineering, under a tarp as part of an ultralight system, or as a superlight 'emergency' shelter." We generally have enough snow and occasional showers to give the bivy a good test, especially in the winter months.

      Field Information:

      I will be hiking near Stanley Lake June 7-8 with my family and will do a 12 mile backpack trip for three days on June 27-29 in the Warm River area. I will be doing a mountain bike trip in Island Park over the Fourth of July weekend. I will then be at Scout Camp for one week in July where we plan to do several short hikes from our base camp near Palisades and one 8 mile backpack trip to Lower Palisades Lake. On August 16-17 we will be backpacking in the Kilgore area--perhaps along the CDT. On the 23-25 of August I will be camping/hiking with my family near Redfish Lake. We are also planning a day hike up Table Rock Mountain near the Grand Tetons in August. Inclement weather is always a concern when climbing Table Rock and if the Bibler Bivy is a compact as advertised, it would be nice to have along just in case of bad weather. We will be doing at least one winter campout every month from November through February. At least once during the winter we build and sleep in snow caves or Polar Domes and it would be fun to test the bivy inside a snow shelter. Most all of these outings will be in very mountainous terrain--5,500-8,500 foot elevation. We are progressing, slowly into summer. We have been getting little rain (and need it) and summer (July, August) will likely be warmer (80-90 degrees) and drier with occasional thunderstorms.

      Prior Reports (using the new requirements):

      I have posted the following report series:



      Other Reports/Work With BGT:
      1.. Current Clark Jungle Hammock Monitor
      2.. Lawson Hammock Monitor
      3.. GoLite Hex initial test report completed
      4.. Pacflat Grill initial and field test completed
      5.. Polar Dome owner review
      6.. Leatherman Wave owner review
      7.. Slumberjack Expedition sleeping bag owner review
      8.. CMG Bonfire owner review
      I have read, understood and will comply with the reporting requirements, including those contained in the new BGT Survival Guide version 0302.2, which I reviewed just prior to filing this application.

      Thank you,


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