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Application to test the Bibler Winter Bivy

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  • Josh Dunning
    Application to test the Bibler Winter Bivy Personal biographical information: Name: Josh Dunning Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: 5’10” Weight:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2002
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      Application to test the Bibler Winter Bivy

      Personal biographical information:

      Name: Josh Dunning
      Age: 26
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5’10”
      Weight: 190
      Email: jdunning@...
      Locale: Northern Connecticut
      Date: 5/30/02

      Backpacking background:

      I’ve been spending as much time outdoors as possible for as long as I
      can remember. I tend to gravitate towards all manner of outdoor
      recreation with hiking, camping, backpacking, and mountain biking
      topping off the list. I’ve been camping all my life, summer vacation, as
      a kid, was a week's worth of car camping at the beach. Friends of my
      parents used to take us hiking in the mountains with an occasional
      overnight trip. Since then I’ve been hooked. I’ll hike or camp in any
      weather, in any season. That can range from 10 below zero in the snow to
      100 plus heat. That’s the beauty of living in New England. I also have a
      gear addiction. I need gear. All kinds, any kind. I try to hike at least
      twice a week, and camp one to two times a month. With the warmer weather
      here, it'll be easier to entice my wife to join me.

      Field information:

      If chosen for this test I would use the Bivy in the mountains of Western
      Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. Terrain ranges from dry desert
      sand dunes to thick forest to bare rock. Living in New England for the
      past 26 years I’ve come to learn that there is no such thing as
      “typical” weather. In the coming months I can expect to see some temps
      into the 90’s and down to the 30’s. Rain is always a possibility; so far
      this has been the wettest spring I can remember, raining every three
      days it seems. Several areas are also prone to gusty wind. I’d like to
      test this shelter on several camping trips including some car camping,
      back packing and overnight hiking. I’d be using this with my Mountain
      Hardware 1st Dimension 35 deg. 3D bag. I’d be looking for things like
      water resistance, wind resistance, and the increased temp rating, if
      any. I’d also be interested in it’s durability using it directly on the
      ground, as I’m sometimes a fidgety sleeper and can move around quite a

      Previously written reports:



      I HAVE READ THE BGT Survival Guide, on 5/31/02, AND WILL COMPLY WITH THE
      REPORT REQUIREMENTS of Chapter 5.

      Other reports:

      Superfeet Footbeds – Test Series
      Duray Socks – Test Series
      Black Diamond Moonlight – Owners Review
      Mountain Hardwear Thru-Hiker Tent – Owners Review
      Mountain Hardwear 1st Dimension Bag – Owners Review

      Thank you for this opportunity.

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