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Applying for "Experimental Subject" Position

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  • dfoote@hitel.com
    Greetings! My name is David Foote. (great name for someone who spends alot of time walking). Trail name is Sixteenth Note (requires a very convoluted
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2000
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      My name is David Foote.
      (great name for someone who spends alot of time walking).

      Trail name is "Sixteenth Note"
      (requires a very convoluted explanation involving
      musicianship, hockey, hiking style and acronyms)

      I live in suburbs of Atlanta.
      Profession is engineering management in high tech field.

      Age is . . . . . oh, yeah, I almost forgot. It's 42 now.

      Backpacking & Outdoors Experience:

      Partly genetic: My dad was leader of high-adventure
      backpacking and whitewater excursions for juvenile delinquents
      and "at risk" kids long before that kind of thing became
      politically correct.

      Boy Scout: camping and backpacking mostly in Georgia, Tennessee
      and North Carolina

      College: participant and leader of Outdoor Recreation @ Georgia Tech
      (ORGT)in backpacking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting/canoeing.

      US Air Force: Outdoor survival training
      (ultra, ultra lightweight backpacking)

      Also, volunteer participant in 2 year medical study on
      effects of anaerobic exercise and activities
      (running, biking, swimming, hiking/walking).
      (See!! I've been a guinea pig before!)

      Current: Boy Scout troop leader/assistance (backpacking, caving
      and whitewater trips) (average 1 per month)

      Several solo or small adult group backpacking trips each year.
      (average 25 - 50 miles; 3 days - 7 days)

      Most memorable backpacking trips:

      Chilkoot Trail (Alaska-Canada)
      Grand Canyon (115 degrees in shade)
      Boundary Waters (Minnesota-Canada) (canoe, portage & backpacking)
      All of Cohutta Wilderness (100+ miles)

      I love the outdoors and would love to help manufacturers
      improve the experience for the avid backpacker as well
      as attract novices to the endeavor.

      Contact Info:

      David Foote
      255 Emily Drive
      Lilburn, Georgia 30047

      PS: Also have 15 year old son (Boy Scout) who loves
      backpacking as well.

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