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Application-Insect Repellents from Travel Medicine.

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  • Jack Corrigan
    Tester Application: Insect Repellents from Travel Medicine Date of Application: 30APR2002 (11:00 PM GMT) I would like to apply to test the Insect Repellents
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2002
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      Tester Application:
      Insect Repellents from Travel Medicine

      Date of Application:
      30APR2002 (11:00 PM GMT)

      I would like to apply to test the Insect Repellents from Travel Medicine. The main concern in my region is ticks. There is a serious tick over population problem here. There are times when I can't even walk down the driveway to get the morning paper without attracting one of those pesky little critters. So you can imagine what it is like after a 4 hour search training session where all you did was walk through high grass fields and woodland areas in a Valley forge National Historic Park or Fort Washington State Park where the white tail deer population is not regulated buy hunting. There is nothing worse than seeing one crawl down your arm on the drive home knowing that there could be more! The next most wanted pest would be the mosquito. There has been a increased awareness to this insect due to it carrying the West Nile Virus in our area.lastly would be the biting flies. I have encountered these guys more around water while paddling our lakes. Where there is water, the mosquitoes are sure to be there and of course the ticks will be lurking about.

      I usually treat both clothing and skin during the peak months which seem to be almost year round with our recent mild winters. I have never used any of the Travel Medicine products and actually never heard of them before this test call. My current repellent of choice is Uncle Ben's. I will be using the products for almost all my outdoor activities including mowing our 2 acres!

      Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

      I last read the BGT Survival Guide (v. 0302.2) on 4/18/2002. This is still the current revision. I will comply with the report requirements.

      Tester Details:

      John (Jack) Corrigan
      (email: k9sar@... website: www.jackquest.com)

      New Berlinville, Pennsylvania 19545 (Berks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania)
      38 years old

      I have always been one to do the outdoor thing as compared to the organized sport thing. In the Boy Scouts, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and hiked most the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, bit by bit usually in 20-25 mile sections and participated in the usual camping experience. I also spent a summer in the Youth Conservation Corps building the first sections of the Thunder Swamp Trail System in the Pocono Mountains. Those were the days!

      During my tour of duty in the US Navy, I was able to continue my outdoor ways while assigned to shore duty in upstate New York (just outside Saratoga). I camped in the Adirondack Mountains (that was my first chance to experience unexpected winter in October) and paddled the Battenkill River in Vermont several times. Sea duty on a submarine, however put a serious cramp in one's access to the outdoors.

      The return to civilian life meant the return to the outdoors. After a short 2 year stay in Texas, it's just too dang hot down there, I still managed a few overnight trips in the Texas "hill" country. I returned back to the Keystone State before a chance to trek through Big Bend could be completed, maybe another time.

      Recently I was a Quality Assurance Technician and a Park Ranger so enjoying the outdoors continues on. For a while I even got paid for it. I enjoy flat water canoe and kayak paddling. The relatively new activity of geocaching has also added to the outdoor experience for me. I continue with regular day hikes with dogs by my side. A cabin (known as base camp north)on four acres in the Endless Mountain Region of Pennsylvania has also opened up access to excellent state park and state forest land as well as the Loyalsock Trail. I should clarify that the term "mountains" is somewhat relative as the elevation doesn't push past 2500-3000 feet and our cabin is at 1500 feet. I am still amazed buy the fact that during a recent trip to Yosemite even the valley floor is at around 6000 feet. I envy those with access to "real" mountains!

      I am also currently a volunteer search and rescue canine handler. This activity has resulted in the slow process upgrading of most of my gear. Let's just say that is still a work in progress! Although search and rescue doesn't always result in an overnight or multi-day trip, I am required to be prepared and trained for it. Training a search dog results in many hours of trekking through Penn's Woods.

      Location To Be Used:
      Mid-Atlantic States primarily eastern Pennsylvania

      Time Used:
      Year round in dry as well as wet/snow conditions during both day and night

      Expected Use:
      Recreational camping, hiking, paddling and canine search and rescue activities

      Test Monitored:

      Birdiepal Umbrella

      Test Reports:

      Princeton Tec Aurora

      National Geographic Adventure Paper

      Pac Flat Backpacker Grill
      Swiss Army Victorinox-Classic
      Planet Dog Travel Bowl and Pack

      Owner Reviews:

      Loyalsock Trail Guide

      Therm-a-Rest Z-Rest

      Timberline 2

      Brunton Eclipse 8097
      Ruff Wear Trail Runner Bowl
      Leatherman Micra
      OR Crocodile Gaiters

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      From: Ron Martino
      To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 10:34 AM
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Insect Repellents from Travel Medicine.

      The next test call is for a collection of insect repellents (see
      below) from Travel Medicine (http://www.travmed.com/). We will receive
      five complete sets of these products, so each tester will be able to
      experiment with all of the items offered.

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