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Duray Socks Review Report 3

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  • Josh Dunning
    Duray Socks Review Report 3 Tester Information: Name: Josh Dunning Email: jdunning@cadd-tech.com Age: 25 Height: 5’10” Weight: 175
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2002
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      Duray Socks Review
      Report 3

      Tester Information:

      Name: Josh Dunning
      Email: jdunning@...
      Age: 25
      Height: 5’10”
      Weight: 175


      I’ve been spending as much time outdoors as possible for as long as I can
      remember. I tend to gravitate towards all manner of outdoor recreation with
      hiking, camping, backpacking, and mountain biking topping off the list. I’ve
      been camping all my life, summer vacation, as a kid, was a weeks worth of
      car camping at the beach. Friends of my parents used to take us hiking in
      the mountains with an occasional overnight trip. Since then I’ve been
      hooked. I’ll hike or camp in any weather, in any season. That can range from
      10 below zero in the snow to 100 plus heat. That’s the beauty of living in
      New England. I also have a gear addiction. I need gear. All Kinds, any kind.

      Item Information:

      Company: Duray (Link in html)

      Items: Light Hiking
      Utmost Cold

      Duray Socks Review:

      After two months testing these socks, my initial feelings have been
      confirmed. Both the Hiking and the Light Hiking performed very well. No
      itching, not overly warm, and after several washings they seem to be holding
      up well. I did notice that they had a tendency to stretch out at the cuff
      after a full day of wear, but nothing that didn't snap back after a wash. I
      wore them in my Hiking boots, they fit well, a bit thicker than my normal
      socks but not so thick they caused a problem. I also wore them in my light
      hikers, almost sneakers and a pair of dress shoes. That only lasted until my
      wife caught me, they're a little too fuzzy to wear under a suit. They were
      never abrasive, never cause any hot spots or blisters.

      The other pair I was testing was the Utmost Cold. I've developed a Love/Hate
      relationship with these socks. Unfortunately, they are far to thick to wear
      with my backpacking boots. They'd work best in a pair of Sorrels or similar
      boots. So, these have been my socks to wear when I'm not wearing shoes. I'll
      wear them with my sandals, around the house, and to bed when it's really
      cold. I love that I can wear my Birk's out in February but I hate it at 3:00
      in the morning when I have to strip them off because they're too hot. These
      socks, as with both pair of Hiking, have withstood many washings, and are
      still in great shape. No itching and very minor pilling.

      I will continue to test both the Hiking pair, but as the warmer weather
      descends upon us, I'll have a harder time finding time to wear the Utmost
      Cold pair.

      Duray Socks
      Report 3

      Josh Dunning

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