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83005Edit/Approval OR- Steripen Adventure Opti- Nancy Griffith

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  • geartest7000
    Aug 5 3:43 PM
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      Nice review!  Only a couple of minor edits (below) and you are good to go.  When ready upload to:
      Water Treatment > Ultraviolet > SteriPEN Adventurer Opti
      And of course don't forget to delete your test folder :)

      I like my Opti too, but like you I've never gotton 50 L from a set of new (non-rechargable) batteries.


      ###To use the pen I press the button once for a 1L dose or twice for a half liter dose.
      EDIT: needs space between 1 and L (to be consistent with your other liter citations)

      ###I have been using the Steripen for the past two years and have used the Steripen on at
      least twenty-five backpacking trips including a 21-day hike of the John Muir Trail.
      Edit:  a comma after "trips" would improve readability

      ###The only trips where I don't take the Steripen are those where we are mainly staying in
      a base camp but those are rare.
      Edit:  a comma after "camp" would help the sentence scan better

      ###Ok, but that still isn't 50 L of life. She also recommended that I remove the batteries
      between trips since they'll drain much more quickly if left in the device. I followed this
      recommendation and got 27 L of life on the next set of batteries
      EDIT:  OK (all caps)
      Comment:  That's also been my experience,  From your contact with customer service it sounds like that's important for battery life.