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82762Edit/Approval - SUUNTO MC-2 compass - Marina Batzke

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    Apr 27, 2014
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      OK, Marina, you’ve just earned another Brownie Point. Excellent review. A few edits in the standard EDIT/Edit?Comment format below. After revising please upload to http://tinyurl.com/mxngnwe


      Cheers, Richard


      ### SUUNTO MC-2 MIRROR COMPASS ### [Title]

      EDIT: SUUNTO actually has two models MC-2, the MC-2/360/D/L/CM/IN/NH and the SUUNTO MC-2 360/D/L/IN/NH. [Only a company run by techies would do this.] I was able to tell that yours was the former by the model number you provided below. Don’t change the title, but immediately after the model number indicate that there are two models and give the full name of yours.


      ### Its technical features include:###
      Edit: Nothing wrong here, but your list would be easier to read if you indented, skipped a line between items, used bullet points, or employed some combination of the foregoing.


      ###(free swinging black pointer inside the liquid capsule)###
      Edit: free-swinging [with a hyphen]


      ###The MC-2 compass manual is in English, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Japanese language with predominantly text and seven drawings. While their German text has a number of grammatical errors and may not read all that fluently, it helped me understand the technical terms better whenever I struggled with the English language instructions of the manual. ###
      Comment: Good catch. I always enjoy English translations of technical (and other) information when it’s a slapdash, literal job. Only way to overcome this problem is to read it in Finnish, and I can’t help with that. Maybe SUUNTO will act on your comment.


      ### What really taught me was the guidance by our class instructors in the field and practise along with the proper map whenever out hiking. ###
      EDIT/Edit: In the US it’s spelled “practice.” If you regularly use the British, this is OK.