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82743OWNER REVIEW - Berghaus Freeflow 35 + 8 Rucksack

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  • David Below
    Apr 5, 2014
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      Owner Review - Berghaus Freeflow 35 + 8 Rucksack
      Tester Bio
      Name:  David Below
      Age: 24
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 0" (1.82 Meters)
      Weight: 170 Pounds (77 Kilograms)
      Email address: below4@...
      City, State, Country: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK
      Date: April 4, 2014
      Backpacking Background:  I started backpacking around 15 years ago with the Scouts, and I now run camps and trips as a Scout leader. I have been on numerous walks throughout the UK in all weathers and terrains. I like my pack to be kept small and light but I’m not an extreme lightweight backpacker. I have always used mid-range gear but have recently started upgrading to more expensive equipment for greater comfort and reliability.
      Product Info
      Manufacturer: Berghaus
      Year of Manufacture: 2013
      Capacity: 35 + 8 litres
      Dimensions: 72cm/28 inches (H) x 36cm/14 inches (W) x 26cm/10 inches (D)
      Weight: 1.62kg (3.5 lbs)
      I recently bought this rucksack as I wanted a nice day sack that was big enough to fit all my kit in that I carry regularly, but also be breathable and not too hot. I was originally looking for something around the 25-30l mark but found this one on offer, and I’m so glad I did! Like I said it is a little bigger than I had originally planned to get, but after using it a couple of times I’m over the moon with it.
      The Freeflow V system is excellent, a friend of mine that I was out walking with actually commented on how effective a curve it was to allow maximum ventilation. The flow of air makes the bag very breathable and prevents the build-up of sweat on your back, the only slight criticism I have is that the padded straps that claim to be extremely breathable too, did cause a bit of sweating. It wasn’t excessive, and to be honest I think that it’s an unavoidable issue, which is why it is only a slight criticism and certainly nothing that should put you off buying one.
      Some people may worry about the stability and strength of the bag being compromised due to the Freeflow V structure, however as of yet I have found no need to worry about sturdiness. This bag has been packed tightly in a car under many other rucksacks, been thrown about and even used as a seat when out in the moors, and no damage or misshaping has ever occurred to the bag.
      Now obviously having the curved back to allow good ventilation comes at a price, space, but the 35 + 8 doesn’t disappoint in that department either. While the shape can make things a little awkward depending on what you want to pack, it has so far never caused me any problems. It has only performed above and beyond what I’d expect a day sack to do. If all you want in it is some spare clothes, a waterproof, water and a map, then you won’t struggle at all. The outer zip pocket is perfectly sized to fit a map case, the two side mesh pockets are ideal for water storage, and the main pocket is ample big enough to store waterproofs and spare clothes. All the while this leaves the lid compartment and two side pockets free for smaller items such a hat, gloves, wallet, phone, etc. etc.
      Yet even having all this extra space, it doesn’t make the rucksack feel at all loose or baggy, it holds its shape very well without making it feel like you are unnecessarily dragging excess weight about. I have also used it for a weekend trip with the scouts, and I also managed to fit a wash kit, a small bedroll and a sleeping bag in there, as well as all of my other kit! From that you would assume the bag is big and heavy to carry about and excessive for a day sack, but not at all. Due to the shape it is a little bit larger than a non-ventilated regular rucksack, but it is certainly small enough to be considered a day sack and it doesn’t feel big or heavy even when packed as full as I had it. How Berghaus have managed to create so much space, in a bag that size and shape is incredible.
      It also comes with lots of useful little extras, such as a built in rain cover which stores away in the bottom pocket, and two straps and loops to easily attach walking poles to the outside.
      Overall it is an incredibly good, reliable and surprisingly versatile rucksack that I would highly recommend to any hill walker.
      1. Very effective Freeflow V breathable system
      2. Good combination of lightweight and stability
      3. Very good size with as many pockets and extras anyone could want from one bag!
      4. Versatile bag that can be used for both day trips and weekend trips alike (depending on kit)
      1. Straps aren’t as breathable as claimed by manufacturer
      2. That’s it!