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82700Edit/Approval: OR - Nunatak USA Arc Alpinist - Lyon

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  • rayestrella1
    Mar 11, 2014
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      Last one Richard,


      This is still the most versatile quilt I own, and my favorite. I loved your range of temps used at. Just a couple things to look at and then you can place it at:


      Reviews > Sleep Gear > Quilts and Blankets > Nunatak Arc Alpinist sleeping quilt



      ***Enshrouding my head in a sleeping bag makes it more difficult to get a good nightā€™s sleep, and accordingly always preferred semi-rectangular bags to mummies.


      EDIT: and accordingly ā€œIā€ always preferred





      ***Manufacturer: Nunatak Gear LLC (www.nunatakusa.com)


      EDIT: your link is wrong, it goes to the test folder.



      ***A differential cut - the inner lining baffles are sewn smaller than those on the outer shell, to maximize loft and hence get the most insulation out of the down in the quilt. 


      Comment: you may want to mention how the differential cut makes it much more usable as an over-bag, something I learned about from Tom.

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