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82550OR - Stoic Merino 3/4 Bottom - Andrea Murland

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  • ringrat55
    Dec 9, 2013
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      I'll squeak a 3rd one in before the update this week. Hoping to get a better picture, but it's dark when I leave home and get home every day, so better light is hard to find!

      HTML: http://tinyurl.com/oq5ewuh


      OR – Stoic Merino Bottom - ¾ Length - Women’s
      by Andrea Murland
      December 9, 2013

      Product Information:

      Manufacturer: Stoic

      Manufacturer’s URL: www.backcountry.com

      Model: Merino Bottom – ¾ Length – Women’s


      Year of Manufacture: 2012

      MSRP: US $69.00


      Listed Weight: None

      Measured Weight: 151 g (5.3 oz)

      Colour: Black/Black

      Size: Medium

      Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL


      Care Instructions (from tag):

      For optimum performance frequent washing required.  Hand- or machine-wash with wool wash.  Hang dry.  Do not machine dry.  Do not use bleach or fabric softener.  Do not dry clean.



      The Stoic Merino ¾ Length Bottoms are merino wool long underwear, made from 200-weight merino wool (93%) and spandex (7%). They come down to below my knees, about mid-calf length.  The bottoms have flatlock seams, which lay flat, that run along the inside of the leg.  The back of the bottoms has a V-shaped piece of material sewn in, rather than a seam up the middle, but there is a seam up the middle of the front.  The bottom of each leg has a 6 cm (2.4 in) wide cuff made from a double layer of material.  The waistband is 3.7 cm (1.5 in) wide and made from an elastic-y material with the Stoic logo.  The logo is also screen-printed just above the cuff on the left leg.


      Field Conditions

      These long underwear have become my primary bottom layer for skiing and ski touring.  I have worn them for downhill skiing, day-long touring, overnight touring, and they were the only long underwear I wore on a week-long hut-based touring trip in the spring of 2013.  I have worn them in temperatures from about 5 C (41 F) down to about -25 C (-13 F), either alone (but under an outer layer) or with other insulating layers.  In total I have worn them for about 20 days outside.


      On overnight trips I have also slept in these bottoms, either alone or with other layers, depending on the temperature.  That totals about 8 nights of use.




      Comfort & Fit:

      The fabric of the Stoic Merino bottoms is soft and comfortable.  I don’t find it to be scratchy.  The bottoms are a good fit on me.  They are snug without being tight.  The cuff at the bottom mostly keeps the bottoms in place, without digging in.  They occasionally creep upwards towards the knee slightly, but I usually have my socks over the cuff, which helps keep them in place.  The bottoms end above my ski boots, so that increases my comfort in my boots, especially if I am wearing multiple layers.  The fewer layers I’m trying to squish into my boot, the better!  With some other layers, I just pull them up to above the boot so that they bunch around the knee, but these are the right length to start with.


      On the topic of my nose’s comfort, even when I wore these bottoms for a week straight, in warm temperatures that had me sweating, I never had to turn up my nose at them.


      Warmth & Breathability:

      For an active day, like ski touring, I can wear these bottoms alone with a shell pant down to about -10 C (14 F).  Below that, I have to add more insulation.  If I’m doing something less active (like downhill skiing), or something that may be intermittent (like Search & Rescue), I add layers sooner.  On my spring ski touring trip  last year, I wore these as my sole baselayer up to about 5 C (41 F), and although I was sweating in them, they managed the moisture well and I didn’t get cold when I stopped.



      I have not noted any problems with these bottoms.  They have no holes, fading, thinning areas or pilling.  I have washed them and hung them to air dry between five and ten times.



      The Stoic Merino Bottoms are a great ¾ length wool baselayer.  They are comfortable, breathable, warm, and don’t interfere with my ski boots.


      Thumbs Up:

      Comfortable fabric

      Right length with ski boots

      Good odour management

      Good breathability


      Thumbs Down:


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