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82491RE: Edit/Approval - Sunday Afternoons cap - Bob Dorenfeld

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  • geartest7000
    Nov 19, 2013
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      Richard -

      Before I uploaded, I added size info and more context about conditions I noticed where the hat stayed wet, both good suggestions, thanks. 

      Oh, and sorry about that incorrect subject line in the thread - the edit box remembers old entries, and I wasn't paying attention; fixed it for this reply.


      ---In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, <montana.angler@...> wrote:

      Hi Bob,

      Another excellent OR, thanks for keeping them coming. In this case you've earned a Brownie Point. And thanks for endorsing Sunday Afternoons, a manufacturer I found through BGT and the best backcountry hatter I've found.

      Two edits, both optional, below; after revising (or not) and upload to the existing folder, being sure to click the Owner Review button when you do.

      Cheers, Richard

      ### Size Men's Medium ###
      Edit: Consider listing other sizes available and what size Medium means in US hat size terms.

      ### This is my first cap with an interior mesh, and I was very nicely surprised when I dipped it into the river to help cool off on a warm sunny day, and found that it stayed wet for over an hour! ###
      Edit: This is an observation as to which I think you'd enlighten our readers by describing in greater detail the environmental conditions (temperature, wind, tree cover, cloud cover, whatever) in which it took place.
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