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82485New to BGT? Great! Please read this before posting your first Owner Review

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  • chcoa
    Nov 19, 2013
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      Hello aspiring gear testers,


      We are super glad you are here and hope you will be joining the ranks of our established gear testers very soon. Below you will find some must do's if you want your Owner Review (OR) added to our Edit Queue.  These points will make your life and the lives of those involved with the OR process much easier. We all appreciate you taking time to review and apply this info. BEFORE submitting your first OR.


      1. READ the “How to Become a Tester” information on the

      www.backpackgeartest.org  website carefully. I know at first glance the documentation seems like a major uphill climb but as with all summits, the work you put in ahead of time will definitely pay off as you work your way through our process.


      2. We strongly encourage new writers to write about, A. a simple piece of gear and B. and item with which you have LOTS of trail time. By lots we mean a season or more involving several days/nights in the field.  Use around town, in your backyard, etc. does not count as field time.


      3. ORs will NOT be accepted into the Owner Review Edit Queue if they do not clearly state the number of days/nights you have used the item. Given the nature of an Owner Review and the possible amount of years you could have owned the item we understand it may not be possible for you to recall the exact number of uses so an estimate is fine.


      4. ORs will also not be accepted if you do not include your real full name and email address in the Tester Bio Section at the top of your report.


      5. We highly recommend including at least one picture of the gear in your Owner Review.  Although not mandatory in the first OR, pictures are required for the 2nd and all reviews of BGT test gear so adding one or more to OR #1 is good practice.


      6. Please make sure you spell-check and proofread your work before posting and reposting to the Yahoo group. You will avoid a ton of silly errors and time if this is diligently done. And more importantly you won’t be wasting your editor’s time either!


      7. When you are ready to post your first Owner Review to the Yahoo group for editing please also create an HTML version.  This version should be uploaded to the TEST Folder on the www.backpackgeartest.org website. Include a link to the HTML version at the top of the OR you submit to the Yahoo group so your editor knows where to look for it.  You will not be able to proceed through the edit process until the HTML version has been uploaded to the Test Folder.  If you need assistance with converting your report to HTML please see our Report Writer on the main BGT website.


      8. When posting an OR for the first time to the Yahoo Group please use this format in the subject line…

      Owner Review: Company & Product – Your Name

      Here's a current example from one of our veteran testers …

      OR - Injinji Tetratsok Liner - Kathy Waters


      9.  When REPOSTING, meaning after your OR has been taken and edited by an editor AND you have made all the requested corrections, please use this format in the subject line…

      REPOST: OR - Company & Product – Your Name

      Ex: REPOST: OR - Sea to Summit Silk Liner - Shawn Wakefield


      10. If you will be off hiking, visiting your grandchildren, having a baby, heading an expedition to each of the 7 summits or otherwise away from email access for more than  two or three days it is very much appreciated if you post a note to the Yahoo group to let us know what is going on. At BGT we call this an Out of Pocket notice or OOP. This quick note lets us know you are still around and interested in BGT but you are away from email contact for a predetermined length of time. Please include your name, the dates you will be out of contact, and what ORs are affected by your absence.


      Again, welcome to BGT and I hope you find this message informative. Please direct any questions to the BackpackGearTest Yahoo group.



      Mrs. Jamie DeBenedetto

      Editors Team Director

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