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82481Thank you Bob D - RE: OR - Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Cap

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  • chcoa
    Nov 19, 2013
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      Thanks for answering the Call again this month Bob.  Your OR has been added to the Edit Queue. 

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Editors Team Director


      ---In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, <geartest@...> wrote:

      Greetings -

      I've got an OR for Nov/Dec's call for clothing - this time a hat.

      Find HTML here   https://tinyurl.com/odvgult


      Text version follows below...


      ~Bob Dorenfeld


      Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Cap

      Owner Review By Bob Dorenfeld

      November 16, 2013

      Tester Information

      Name:  Bob Dorenfeld

          I'm an active hiker, snowshoer, skier, backpacker, amateur
          geographer and naturalist. Home base is the Southern Colorado
          Rockies, where I usually journey from 7000 ft (2100 m) to above
          treeline, with occasional desert trips to lower altitudes. Six to 12
          miles (10 to 20 km) hiking in a day is my norm, including elevation
          change of as much as 4000 ft (1200 m) in a day. Most of my backpack
          trips are two or three nights, sometimes longer. Often I hike
          off-trail on challenging talus, snowfields, or willow brakes, with
          occasional bouldering.

      Email:  geartest(at)sageandspruce(dot)net
      Age:  55
      Location:  Salida, Colorado, USA
      Gender:  M
      Height:  5' 6" (1.68 m)
      Weight:  135 lb (61 kg)

            Product Overview

             Sunday Afternoons

            Year of Manufacture:

            Manufacturer's Website:  www.sundayafternoons.com
            MSRP  US$26.00
             Nylon and polyester
            Size  Men's Medium

      Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Cap
      Photo: Sunday Afternoons

      A good hat is hard to come by...and I'm always looking for one to wear
      while hiking.  I've gone through a lot of hats over the years!  Some get
      lost, others worn out, and a few just don't work for me.  For most of my
      warmer-weather trail adventures I prefer the versatile ball-cap style,
      which is what this Sunday Afternoons Sun Tripper Cap is.  Its nylon
      outer body with inside polyester mesh is, according to Sunday
      Afternoons, UPF 50+ certified against the sun and is water repellent and
      stain resistant.  Other features include slipstream mesh venting panels,
      internal wicking sweatband, interior crown pocket, folding brim, and
      cord lock and bungee for adjusting size.  The body of the hat is sewn in
      two pieces to allow a more generous fit over the head, and for
      attachment to the inner mesh fabric.  My cap is the "cream/gray" color
      as seen in the photos; other colors are available.

            Performance in the Field

      I have owned this hat since 2012, but started wearing it regularly in
      the spring of 2013.  Since then I've doffed it for approximately 300
      trail miles in temperatures from 40-90 F (4-32 C),  in geography ranging
      from alpine mountains to high desert.  I estimated winds of as high as
      50 mph (80 kph) at one exposed site while in this cap.

      This is a really comfortable hat - it fits well on my head and the
      bottom of the rim comes down to just between my ears and my head, where
      it sits snugly.  I'm sure that the two-piece body has a lot to do with
      that fit.  The brim is neither too long nor too short and so keeps the
      sun out but allows good range of sight.  I can tip the hat up or down
      slightly as needed, and it stays in place thanks to the adjustable cord
      lock and elastic cord.

      Well-worn hatAs shown in this photo, taken recently after the summer and
      fall 2013 hiking season, there are some sweat stains on the brow, but
      the rest of the hat is surprisingly clean.  I wouldn't expect any hat to
      be completely stain-free, but this one does well after a hand-wash in
      dish soap and warm water every four weeks or so.

      This is my first cap with an interior mesh, and I was very nicely
      surprised when I dipped it into the river to help cool off on a warm
      sunny day, and found that it stayed wet for over an hour!  Almost all
      other hats I've owned dry out much more quickly than that in the dry air
      typical of the Rocky Mountain region I hike in.

      Of course, after the hat dries out I don't want it to be too hot, and
      the mesh also provides enough air flow to stay cooler than a
      solid-material hat would enable.

      Although I don't use it very much, the folding brim is convenient for
      stuffing the hat into a jacket pocket or other small space.  There is
      also a small wallet-sized pocket (with hook-and-loop closure) located
      under the top of the hat; not a feature useful to me, but a nice
      addition for keeping small items that adds to the versatility of the Sun
      Tripper Cap.

      I already mentioned high winds, and I really like hats that stay on!  In
      that gale on a mountaintop I pulled the rear elastic very tight, settled
      the hat low on my head, and even with the wind blowing directly into my
      face and brim I was confident it wouldn't blow off and away (well,
      almost confident - I did have to hold on to it for a couple of gusts).

            Final Thoughts

      An excellent hat...it fits me well, the cord lock is easily adjustable
      at the rear, it sheds some rain, and keeps its moisture a long time on
      the trail after being soaked in cold water.  I like the way it fits
      snugly around my ears and stays on in high winds.  The wicking sweatband
      does its job, and although I see some permanent sweat stains, they are
      expected in any hat; regular hand washing in mild soap cleans up most
      trail dirt.  A sturdy and lightweight hat, I expect my Sun Tripper Cap
      to last me for many more seasons of hiking and backpacking.  I tried to
      find a downside, but really couldn't.  The price at US$26 initially
      seemed high to me for a hat of this type, but if I can hold on to it for
      a couple more hiking seasons I'll definitely be getting my money's worth.

            Reviewed By

      Bob Dorenfeld
      Southern Colorado Rockies



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