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82478OWNER REVIEW- Therm-A-Rest ProLite

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  • Jeremy Rardin
    Nov 19, 2013
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      Therm-A-Rest ProLite
      Report by: Jeremy Rardin
      November 18, 2013
      Tester Information
      Name:              Jeremy Rardin
      Email:              rardin_jeremy (AT) yahoo (DOT) com
      Age:                20
      Location:         Chattaooga, TN, USA
      Gender:           Male
      Height:                        5’ 11’
      Weight:           155lb
      I love backpacking and paddling! Growing up I have always admired a grand existence of walking in the woods with nothing but a backpacking with which you survive. My interest in gear has followed, quite naturally, as I am now interested in what is the lightest way to walk into the woods. Currently, I use a flat tarp for a shelter and Gossamer Gear frameless pack. I cannot say that I have ever been a heavy packer, but I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experience and knowledge that has helped me reduce my pack weight significantly

      Manufacturer:                         Therm-A-Rest
      Manufacturer’s Website:         http://www.cascadedesigns.com/therm-a-rest
      Model:                                     ProLite                                   
      Year Manufactured:                2012
      Size Reviewed:                       Regular (also available in XS, S, and L)
      Type of Pad:                           Self-Inflatable
      R-Value:                                  2.2 (Three Season)
      Insulation Type:                      Open Cell Foam
      Shape:                                     Semi-Rectangular
      Listed Weight:                         16 ounces (460g)
      Measured Weight:                  16.9 ounces (after months of use)
      Supplied Stuff Sack Weight: .65 ounce
      Listed Dimensions (in.):          72 x 20 x 1 (51 x 183 x 2.5 cm)
      MSRP (US):                            $99.95
      I have been using the Therm-A-Rest Prolite (from hence will be referred to as the sleeping pad) for several months now. I originally bought this pad because I wanted a small, ultra-light sleeping pad that would give me some minimal padding between me and the ground and provide three-season insulation. This pad has met my expectations. I used this pad when my band went on tour; I have used it on several overnighters and as a pack frame for a frameless ruck-style backpack.

      This sleeping pad packs small, is waterproof, and provides enough comfort/warmth for any three-season situation. I have primarily used this sleeping pad for overnighters along the Cumberland Trail in the Chattanooga region of Tennessee. The typical temperature range I have experienced while using this pad has been from low 40s to high 60s. During one overnighter, I woke up with a small river of water flowing beneath me, but the sleeping pad protected me from getting wet while my friends had to deal with wet sleeping bags. With a few wipes with a t-shirt, the sleeping pad was dry and I went right back to sleep.
      ·        - Packs small
      ·        - Can be used as frame support for frameless pack
      ·         -Very durable
      ·         -Very lightweight
      ·         -Easy to inflate and deflate

      There are only a few drawbacks, as there are with any item. If placed on level ground,  I find myself sliding off the pad. Also, a side sleeper may find that their hips will touch the ground through the pad. I shift around a lot in my sleep, constantly re positioning and I have not gotten any hip bruises or had any noticeable discomfort, but for someone weighing more than 160 a similar experience could not be guaranteed. I have found, though, that if I fold the bottom 1/4 of the pad underneath the larger portion, I can comfortably sleep on my side without touching the ground.  Negatively, it does not come with a repair kit; which is needed for long distance hikes. 

      Overall, I am very satisfied and have had great success with this pad. Since I am working on going even lighter, I am considering trading this pad for an air only sleeping pad. If I were to recommend any open cell foam, self-inflatable pad I would highly recommend this one for its comfort level, durability, and insulation.

      As for pictures, I have my own pictures to upload for the review that would go online, but I am having trouble getting the pictures to upload 'in-text'.

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