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  • Kathy Waters
    Nov 11, 2013
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      I use “minor distractions” to list niggling things that I’m not overly thrilled with.  Since the holiday bars are “LIMITED” – I have to make sure I get them as soon as they are available and stock up (I do the same thing with Breckenridge Distillery’s Spiced Rum and their Spiced Bourbon which are only available for a week or so around Thanksgiving!).


      As for opening the packages, I’m definitely challenged on that – I am usually in a hurry to open and with my horrid eyesight, I’ve never even noticed the small arrow – I’ve looked for a “tear starter”, tried to pull the seams apart, but have been stymied.  Minor Distractions…




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      Clif's seasonal bars are a great marketing gimmick. Like Kathy I make an annual pilgrimage to REI for the gingerbread, which until recently was my favorite. Another limited addition, the Panforte bar, displaced gingerbread. When I inquired of Clif when the Panforte would next be available I was told "at some point." So now I have to check in other seasons too. Very clever.


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      > Hi Kathy,
      > Whaddaya mean you don't eat only Clif bars instead of real meals? :) And I have to travel all the way up valley to BV to get those seasonal varietals!
      > Two comments, if I may: Under MINOR DISTRACTIONS you mentioned "1.) Limited seasonal supply."
      > I guess I'd see that as a good thing: that is, different flavors available only some times during the year to break up all the usual ones. Also, with respect to opening the package, at the top edge is a small arrow and the words "Tear Here" - I find that it almost always comes apart easily from that point.
      > The next time I see that wild woman on the trail ripping open the Clif package with her teeth I'll know it's you!
      > Happing munching,
      > ~Bob Dorenfeld
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