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  • Kathy Waters
    Nov 6, 2013
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      Wow, I’m sorry I made so many stupid errors.  Guess I need to be more careful.  Anyway, I’ve deleted the test file, made corrections and additions and uploaded.  I have some comments below, and if you don’t agree with the one place I didn’t make the correction, let me know.






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      Good to see another book reviewed. Edits in the standard BGT format below; after revising you may upload to https://tinyurl.com/l5b8jt7

      Cheers, Richard
      EDIT: Add the author's name in the title. At first glance I thought that you'd written the book.

      *** Couldn’t add Bill’name to the title as ReportWriter has a character limit but I was able to add “Reviewed by” before my name to make it clear I hadn’t written the book but just the review.  Do you think that works?

      ### Bill started hiking later in life and in 2005 he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail.. The very next year, he hiked the Long Trail. Then, in 2009, he tackled the Pacific Crest Trail. ###
      Edit: I suggest a brief note for each of these indicating where it is located. Our non-US readers may not know. Mentioning the distance would help as well.

      *** So Right!  Added information, including mileage.

      ### My contemporary heroes are Conrad Anker, ###
      Comment: By coincidence my neighbor Conrad Anker is doing a book signing here tomorrow night.

      *** Would love to stand-in-line for him but currently babysitting in Florida!

      ### The first of 24 chapters of "Getting High" is titled "The Wall" and begins with the sentence: "Will you carry my backpack?" and the instant I read that sentence, I knew this was going to be a book unlike most of my other adventure books ###
      EDIT: begin with ["chapters" takes a plural verb.]
      EDIT: Add a period at the end of the sentence.

      ***  I respectfully think I’m correct in the verb.  If you break down the sentence, the subject is “first”.  “Chapters is part of a prepositional phrase describing “first” and if you take out that phrase, the sentence would read “The first is titled “The Wall” and begins…”  Does that make sense?

      ###I will, counter to my usual method of travel, arrange the major details, such as guide/porter/reservations, etc. from the calm and unhurried location of my home with a reputable organization. ###
      Comment: Two recommendations – Mountain Travel Sobek (www.mtsobek.com) in California and KE Adventure (www.keadventure.com) in England. Never been to High Asia myself, but both have done great jobs for me on other treks.

      *** I, too, like Sobek!



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