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82337Edit/Approval: OR - Swiftwick Pursuit Seven Socks - Kathy Waters

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  • Ray
    Sep 6, 2013
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      Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for the sock review. I need to check these out as I have to wear compression socks now. Just a few edits for you after which you may place it at:

      Reviews > Clothing > Socks > Swiftwick Pursuit Seven Socks


      ***The compression part of the socks is compliments of the 29% Nylon and 7% Spandex materials in the construction.

      EDIT: delete "is" and drop an "s" from either compliments or socks.

      *** On backpacking trips, I worn the socks with mid-height boots,

      EDIT: wore

      *** Fortunately, thanks to our high desert climate, the night times cool down

      Edit: I think "the nighttime cools down" is proper

      ***The Pursuit Seven is a "light compression" sock that Swiftwick claims will promotes blood flow,

      EDIT: either delete "will" or drop the "s" from promotes

      *** Wool is a fantastic natural fiber that I come to rely on in the hottest of the hot weather. It's no warmer than any other fabric - actually, it's cooler than a lot of
      synthetics - AND it wicks away my inevitable sweat like no other fabric does. Wool is hydrophilic and pulls moisture away from my tootsies keeping them dry.

      Edit: actually you are right that it is hydrophilic, but that means it absorbs moisture. (Almost 1/3 its weight) There are many better wicking fabrics (hydrophobic) than wool, including all synthetics. Most 100% wool socks are worn with a wicking liner. Wool socks meant to wick also use a blend of synthetic fibers to accomplish this (as Swiftwick does). You may want to reword that.
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