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82293EDIT - Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain Low Gaiters - Josh Breslow

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    Aug 22, 2013
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      Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, and thanks for your Owner Review. I'll be your editor. This is a very good start at a first OR. You have included nearly everything necessary; most of my edits relate to BackpackGearTest.org conventions. I look forward to working with you to get it ready for posting.

      My edits below are in standard BGT format:

      EDIT (all caps) – required change
      Edit (initial cap) – suggested change or request for clarification
      Comment – just that, no change required

      After revising you need to do two things. Post the html version of the Report in the Tests/Owner Reviews folder on BackpackGearTest.org, and post the plain text version here, with "Repost," the product name, and your name in the subject line, and with a tinyurl link to the html version in the body of your message.

      Cheers, Richard Lyon
      BGT Editor

      ### Backpacking Background: I am fairly new to the backpacking world, having
      done it now for about 8 months. But I have been an avid hiker for many
      years.I mostly take weekend trips to the San Bernadino mountains with an
      occasional trip to the desert. I have recently converted to a quilt instead
      of a sleeping bag, which I love.###
      EDIT: See if you can add a bit about your backpacking "style," particularly with regard to the weight of your pack. Be mindful of our 100-word limit on bios.

      ### Length: 9”

      Width: 16” ###
      EDIT: This is one reason we need to see the html version – in the plain text there are "Yahooisms," created by Yahoo when you post your report. Not your fault, but I must verify you've followed BGT's convention of measurement, space, standard abbreviation (in this case, "in" for inches).
      EDIT: BGT requires a metric conversion for all measurements. Please add.

      ###There is an elastic band sewn into each gaiter at the top and bottom to
      keep it snug against your ankle and shoe. ###
      EDIT: Try to avoid use of the second person, "you" and "your." BGT prohibits what we call projection – reporting on what another person might encounter. Here, "my ankle and shoe;" check this throughout your OR.

      ###22 miles over 3 days. Cool dry weather, several stream crossings and
      some snow.###
      EDIT: Another spot where metric conversion is required.

      ###My Merrell Ventilators either did not have a big enough arch to keep the strap
      firmly in place ###
      EDIT: Another BGT prohibition – we don't allow comparisons with other products. Here you might substitute "my other gaiters" for "Merrell Ventilators."