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82291Edit/Approval: Owner Review - Stephenson's Warmlite 3R tent - Lyon

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  • Ray
    Aug 21, 2013
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      Hi Richard,

      Great review on this tent. I have had many a discussion about these and agree with your takes completely. Just a few thoughts for you and you can place it at:

      Reviews > Shelters > Tents > Stephensons Warmlite 3R Tent


      ***A short rain squall in the first afternoon but no precipitation when the tent was pitched.

      Edit: I would delete "in" or change it to "during"

      *** I pitched the tent on hardpacked dirt.

      Edit: my dictionary says this is two words (may be hyphenated)

      ***Most mornings when I awaken in this tent, usually about 5.30 am,

      EDIT: 5:30 AM
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