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82267RE: [BackpackGearTest] New to BGT? Great! Please read this before posting your first Owner Review

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  • Kathy Waters
    Aug 12 5:47 AM
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      Great! Glad to have you back.

      Yeah, you do have to jump some hoops but nothing you haven't done before
      <g>. Just go ahead and submit your two owner reviews and you will be all

      Testing you will find is easier than ever - we have only a 4-month testing
      period now, rather than the previous 6-month and some items (hats, gloves,
      and other "simple" products) only require 2 test reports.

      If the ReportWriter wasn't around when you were active, you will find that
      makes reports a breeze and the new test application process is also much
      less of a hassle.

      There is a ton of new gear coming up so, ask any questions you need to and
      start your ORs and WELCOME BACK!


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      posting your first Owner Review

      I was a tester a few years back. I had to step away from testing duties
      due to some bumps in the road of life. I am now ready to step back into
      the tester roll. I fully expect to have to go through the New Tester
      process of owner reviews, but please let me know what is required of me as I
      would love to get out and help the manufactures get some really testing and
      feedback of their gear.

      Thank you for your feedback,

      Scott Downard
      On Aug 11, 2013 5:34 PM, "Jamie D." <jdeben@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Hello aspiring gear testers,
      > We are super glad you are here and hope you will be joining the ranks
      > of our established gear testers very soon. Below you will find some
      > must do's if you want your Owner Review (OR) added to our Edit Queue.
      > These points will make your life and the lives of those involved with
      > the OR process much easier. We all appreciate you taking time to
      > review and apply this info. BEFORE submitting your first OR.
      > 1. READ the "How to Become a Tester" information on the
      > www.backpackgeartest.org website carefully. I know at first glance the
      > documentation seems like a major uphill climb but as with all summits,
      > the work you put in ahead of time will definitely pay off as you work
      > your way through our process.
      > 2. We strongly encourage new writers to write about, A. a simple piece
      > of gear and B. and item with which you have LOTS of trail time. By
      > lots we mean a season or more involving several days/nights in the
      > field. Use around town, in your backyard, etc. does not count as field
      > 3. ORs will NOT be accepted into the Owner Review Edit Queue if they
      > do not clearly state the number of days/nights you have used the item.
      > Given the nature of an Owner Review and the possible amount of years
      > you could have owned the item we understand it may not be possible for
      > you to recall the exact number of uses so an estimate is fine.
      > 4. ORs will also not be accepted if you do not include your real full
      > name and email address in the Tester Bio Section at the top of your
      > 5. We highly recommend including at least one picture of the gear in
      > your Owner Review. Although not mandatory in the first OR, pictures
      > are required for the 2nd and all reviews of BGT test gear so adding
      > one or more to OR #1 is good practice.
      > 6. Please make sure you spell-check and proofread your work before
      > posting and reposting to the Yahoo group. You will avoid a ton of
      > silly errors and time if this is diligently done. And more importantly
      > you won't be wasting your editor's time either!
      > 7. When you are ready to post your first Owner Review to the Yahoo
      > group for editing please also create an HTML version. This version
      > should be uploaded to the TEST Folder on the www.backpackgeartest.org
      > Include a link to the HTML version at the top of the OR you submit to
      > the Yahoo group so your editor knows where to look for it. You will
      > not be able to proceed through the edit process until the HTML version
      > has been uploaded to the Test Folder. If you need assistance with
      > converting your report to HTML please see our Report Writer on the main
      BGT website.
      > 8. When posting an OR for the first time to the Yahoo Group please use
      > this format in the subject line. Owner Review: Company & Product -
      > Your Name Here's a current example from one of our veteran testers .
      > OR - Injinji Tetratsok Liner - Kathy Waters
      > 9. When REPOSTING, meaning after your OR has been taken and edited by
      > an editor AND you have made all the requested corrections, please use
      > this format in the subject line.
      > REPOST: OR - Company & Product - Your Name
      > Ex: REPOST: OR - Sea to Summit Silk Liner - Shawn Wakefield
      > 10. If you will be off hiking, visiting your grandchildren, having a
      > baby, heading an expedition to each of the 7 summits or otherwise away
      > from email access for more than two or three days it is very much
      > appreciated if you post a note to the Yahoo group to let us know what
      > is going on. At BGT we call this an Out of Pocket notice or OOP. This
      > quick note lets us know you are still around and interested in BGT but
      > you are away from email contact for a predetermined length of time.
      > Please include your name, the dates you will be out of contact, and what
      ORs are affected by your absence.
      > Again, welcome to BGT and I hope you find this message informative.
      > Please direct any questions to the BackpackGearTest Yahoo group.
      > Cordially,
      > Mrs. Jamie DeBenedetto
      > Editors Team Director

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      To read our reviews, please visit http://www.backpackgeartest.org/Yahoo!
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