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82257Edit/Approval: Addendumn - Columbia Peak Power Shell - Jamie D

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  • Ray
    Aug 6, 2013
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      Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for the update. Nothing like a rainy year to help a shell test. Just a few edits for you, most just missing conversions.


      *** as promised it's time for and update.

      EDIT: for "an" update.

      *** My family and I headed up to Prescott, AZ (elev. 5,300ft/)

      EDIT: missing Metric conversion

      *** On Saturday we hiked around Willow Creek Reservoir, temperatures were in the mid 60's F ( C) with winds as high as 25 mph ( kph).

      EDIT: missing Metric conversions

      ***On our last day of the trip we took a drive up in to the nearby Bradshaw Mountains (elev. 6,300 ft/ m) for another hike.

      EDIT: missing Metric conversion
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