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82216Edit/Approval: OR - Black Diamond Raven Pro by Joe Schaffer

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  • Ray
    Jul 13 4:12 AM
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      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the OR of an axe I know well. I have a few edits for you and then it can go with the other Raven Pro reviews at:

      Reviews > Snow Gear > Axes and Shovels > Black Diamond Raven Pro Ice Axe


      ***The Raven Pro features a stainless steel head and spike with an aluminum shaft offered in 5 cm-increment lengths from 50 to 75 cm.

      EDIT: need the Imperial conversions (inches)

      *** My observations may be relevant for casual hikers who eschew technical work but don't shy from a bit of snowy declivity. My impressions relate to the less-technical end of this product category.

      Comment: which is fine as this axe does not carry a "T" rating anyway. You may want to make mention somewhere that it is a "B" rated axe.

      *** Next on a Whitney (California, USA) trip

      EDIT: Mt. Whitney

      *** I can sink the Raven Pro with a dainty plunk into the crunch without inadvertently burying the head to the hozel.

      EDIT: burying the head to the "handle" (or, what is a hozel?)

      The somewhat straighter pick also requires less extraction effort.

      ***At 13,000' (4,000 m) it becomes fairly clear to the foggy mind that easier repetitions of sinking the shaft become torture in a less immediate time frame.

      EDIT: to "my" foggy mind (keep it in the 1st person to avoid projection)
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